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See iPhone 4S’s Siri Working 100% on iPhone 3GS [VIDEO]

Certainly, one of the hottest things that lights up today's tech news line is Apple's new smartphone offering, the iPhone 4S. And if you are familiar with the iPhone 4S's features, you should also be aware of its speech-controlled artificial intelligence application, Siri. Owners of old iDevices such as the iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G are wondering if it is possible to port Siri to older hardware. Of course, we have brought to you a tutorial on how to enable Siri's GUI on your iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G. But the biggest breakthrough we've seen regarding this matter is the successful port courtesy of Chpwn and Troughton-Smith.

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But have you ever wondered if it is possible to port Siri into an even older hardware such as the iPhone 3GS? Well, apparently Chpwn and Troughton-Smith tried porting Siri into the iPhone 3GS as well and guess what? They totally succeeded. And from the looks of it, it runs smoothly and sans any hitches. Keep in mind that the iPhone 3GS is the oldest device that is able to run Apple's most advanced mobile operating system yet, the iOS 5, which is required for running Siri. Without further ado, here's the video of an iPhone 3GS running Siri:

Isn't that cool? This interesting bit of good news is brought to our attention by famed third party Cydia developer Ryan Petrich (@rpetrich), through his latest tweet. As you can see from the short video above, Siri works rather flawlessly with no signs of glitches or slowdowns, which can only be taken as a good sign. Unfortunately, Chpwn and Troughton-Smith still cannot release the files or procedures needed for porting Siri on older hardware and they provided their reasons as well.
RPetrich Siri Tweet
Based on previous reports, older devices such as the iPhone 4, iPod touch and now the iPhone 3GS are perfectly capable of running Siri's artificial intelligence. But one can only conclude that it was made an exclusive to iPhone 4S in order to make Siri one of the new iPhone's main selling point. But since the application can run rather flawlessly on older hardware as demonstrated by the talented individuals from the jailbreak community, we are hoping that someday Apple will officially release Siri for older devices too. Either that or Chpwn and company finds a way to port Siri on older hardware without incurring Apple's wrath.

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    Aqimkazama9 years, 10 months ago

    Hey.. I using ios 5.0.1 on iphone 3gs.. I put the folder in order..But didnt work ?? Why??