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Kindle Fire vs. iPad 2: Head-to-Head Comparison [VIDEO]

Back in September, online retail giant Amazon revealed a whole slew of devices to the public. It was a notable revelation because of course, it was that time when Amazon unveiled its first competitor to the table market, the Kindle Fire, competing with the likes of the iPad, Galaxy Tabs and Playbooks. Perhaps the most attractive aspect of the Kindle Fire is its price point. Amazon went rather aggressive with pricing for its new tablet which is priced at merely $199. And now that the Kindle Fire has been finally released, the tablet market just got a lot more interesting. But how does it compare to the iPad 2?

iPad 2 vs Kindle Fire
Well, the folks over at the iDownloadBlog put up a comparison video of the new Kindle Fire and Apple's iPad 2. A couple of aspects were compared between the two devices such as the boot up times, web browsing and NetFlix streaming times. Even the author himself Jeff has admitted that the comparison video was only made for fun and there is no real comparison between the two. Without watching the video, we know that the iPad 2 will come out superior on all fronts. But it would indeed be interesting to find out how the Kindle Fire stacks up against the tablet market dominator, iPad 2. Here's the video for your pleasure:

First aspect that was tested was the boot times. Understandably, the Kindle Fire lags behind the iPad 2 with regards to startup times considering that the latter has a more efficient dual-core processor and more optimized software. On a side note, the Kindle Fire was found out to feature an OMAP 4430 chip, the same chip used in RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Anyway back on the boot times, since this is a tablet we think that this is a rather insignificant aspect to test since tablets are supposed to be always on unlike a desktop PC or laptop.

The second test concerns browser speed. The Kindle Fire's Silk browser against the iPad 2's Mobile Safari. Again as you can see from the video, the iPad 2 was once again the clear winner although the author clearly stated that the Kindle Fire's Silk also loads Flash which is not supported on the iOS as you all know. But overall, although the iPad 2 got to the finish line first, the difference isn't really that much. But when it comes to scrolling, the iPad 2's smoothness can't be beat while the Fire's scrolling is rather laggy.

As for the third test, NetFlix streaming was the point of comparison. And surprisingly, the Kindle Fire came out as the winner although the difference isn't exactly night and day between the two devices. But this could be attributed to the new NetFlix interface that is found on the Fire and is not yet available on the iOS platform.

Again, it was repeatedly stressed that this is no way a scientific test. The fact is, there is really no comparison between the two. In this case, you really do get what you pay for. But it is interesting to see Amazon's new tablet and based on pre-order numbers, it is bound to sell millions for sure and is going to be tough competitor to the tablet market. [via iDownloadBlog]

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