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Contacts App Bug Found in iPhone 4S Running iOS 5.0.1, Here’s How to Fix It

It's been over a month now since the tech world has been graced by Apple's latest smartphone wonder, the iPhone 4S. Not being a completely redesigned iPhone but instead a souped up version of the previous generation device, it was met with mixed reactions although it was still proven to be huge success. Over the past weeks, reports of rapid battery drain issue has been plaguing the new iPhone. Apple released iOS 5.0.1 in order to fix the issue, but the problem seems to have persisted for a number of users. The Cupertino company just can't seem to catch a break because a nasty bug was found on the iPhone 4S running iOS 5.0.1.

iPhone 4S Contacts Bug
The said bug was brought to our attention by Paul Hontz of The Startup Foundry. Hontz updated his iPhone 4S through OTA (over the air) updates and noticed that his phone can no longer remember all the names of his contacts. Upon opening his phone's contacts list, all of the entries are still there but whenever he receives a call or text, the contact details shown are unregistered. Sending an SMS text message pretty much yields the same scenario, the phone doesn't recognize the number after Hontz hit the Send button. And it seems that Hontz isn't alone because many users have experienced the bug as well.
iPhone 4S Contacts Bug
As of now, the bug has been isolated and it seems to only affect iPhone 4S users on Verizon network who used OTA updates to upgrade their firmware to iOS 5.0.1. Fortunately, a reader of The Startup Foundry provided a partial fix. Partial because it only fixed incoming calls not incoming text messages. Here's how to partially fix this iOS 5.0.1 bug:

  1. Open your iPhone 4S and call *288. This is Verizon's over the air programming number.
  2. When the system responds, press 1 for "Program or activate your phone."
  3. Once the call disconnects, you should get a "Settings Updated" prompt.
  4. Now launch the Task Manager by clicking the Home button twice, and terminate the following apps: Phone, Message and Contacts. Wait for about 3 minutes.
  5. Open the Messages App in order to verify fix.

If performing the steps above doesn't fix it, try terminating the Messages App again and reboot your iPhone. Or instead of pressing "1" during step 2, try pressing "2" after dialing *288.

This is certainly a bug that could potentially cause massive annoyance to those who are affected. With this bug together with the persisting battery drain issues, it seems that the Cupertino company got their work cut out for them. [via TheStartupFoundry]

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    lillracksingen9 years, 8 months ago

    “As of now, the bug has been isolated and it seems to only affect iPhone 4S users on Verizon network who used OTA updates to upgrade their firmware to iOS 5.0.1.”

    That is probably true if you only refer to US iPhone users. But it is quite common in the rest of the world, especially here in the Middle East. And for us there is no fix, apart from downgrading to iOS 4 (at least those of us who took the precaution of saving SHSH blobs).

    My iPhone is switched off in the cupboard while waiting for Apple to fix this, and my SIM card is now in my old SE P990i :) Nice to use a physical keyboard for a change…

    Sandy9 years, 10 months ago

    I am on the AT&T network and have been experiencing the same contacts not being recognized bugs. So, this bug is not isolated to Verizon customers.

      Pramod9 years, 10 months ago

      Nope. As suggested, its a bug inside iOS 5.0.1 itself.