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Gmail Gets a New Design, Google Finally Rolls Out New Look [VIDEO]

Search engine giant Google has been quite busy in rebranding many of its web applications by giving them a touch of new designs. More than a week ago through a supposedly leaked video, it was revealed that Google is planning to give its popular email client Gmail, a fresh coat of paint. Google was swift to take down the video from YouTube. And now it seems that the search engine giant finally rolled out the changes depicted on the leaked video.

Yes, as of now Gmail users can now use the new design for the mail client. Again, this is no preview of the sorts because this is indeed an official rollout. You can activate the new design by clicking on the "Switch to the new look" link / notification which can be found at the bottom right of your Gmail interface. If you switch to the new look but do not like it, you can still switch back to the old look although be advised that it will only be temporary since all Gmail users will eventually be upgraded to the new look.
Gmail New Look
So what can you expect from the new Gmail? Well, this new rollout is not merely for cosmetic purposes because there are some new features as well. A neat new feature is that Gmail now adapts to the size of the window. This way you can easily navigate Gmail with minimal scrolling even if you do not have the window maximized. You can also configure the display density of the mail interface using three settings: Comfortable, Cozy and Compact. Other elements of Gmail can also be resized such as the label and chat area. Theming is also a big part of the new Gmail interface as Google updates the current collection of themes with high definition images. Here's the video again that was leaked the last time:

If you can't find the option to switch to the new look, then it is possible that you haven't receive the rollout yet. So what do you think of the new look? Do you love it? Or has Google ruined Gmail for you?

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