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Download Safari 5.1.2 for Mac and Windows [Direct Links]

If you have been an avid user of iDevices and Macs, chances are high that you are also using Safari as your choice of web browser. For the most basic users, Safari is more than enough to address their web browsing needs but unfortunately it is not open source which makes other high end users seek other alternatives such as Mozilla's Firefox or Google Chrome. But overall, while Safari doesn't exactly blow you away with its features, it does deliver a smooth and bug-free browsing experience. Now a new version of Safari is released by the Cupertino company, dubbed as Safari version 5.1.2.

Safari 5.1.2
Ever since Mac OS X Lion was released, Safari has been experiencing some strange bugs such as random system shutdowns while playing flash videos which indeed was quite annoying for many users. Eventually the bug was addressed but it seems there are still lingering problems to be found. One of the issues that were addressed on this new version of Safari is the one that causes web pages to flash white. This update also aims to stabilize Safari even more.

In addition to that, another noteworthy issue that has been fixed on Safari 5.1.2 are the random hangs and excessive memory usage of the application. Safari has been known as quite a memory hog in the past but it is good to know that Apple continues its efforts to address subject issues to make the application even better. Another update worth noting, is that you can now natively view PDF documents inside Safari, effectively eliminating the need to install external apps like Adobe Reader.

You can update to the latest version of Safari through iTunes or you can download the installer from the download links provided below.

Safari 5.1.2 Download Links:

Download Safari 5.1.2 for Windows
Download Safari 5.1.2 for Mac OS X Lion
Download Safari 5.1.2 for Mac OS X Snow Leopard

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