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BlurriedNCBackground: Give iOS 5 Notification Center a Cool Glassy Look [Cydia Tweak]

There is no denying to the advantages of jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. And the best thing about jailbreaking is of course the wealth of tweaks and apps that are available through Cydia. Currently, one particular feature of the iOS 5 that attracts the attention of jailbreak developers is the Notification Center. Most of the tweaks that we have seen for the Notification Center so far are based more on improving its functionality. Now we have a tweak for you that actually changes the look of the Notifications Center.

BlurriedNCBackground Jailbreak Tweak
The name of the tweak is called BlurriedNCBackground from developer Philippe Lalancette-Caron. What this tweak does is very simple, it removes the background of the Notification Center and replaces it with a transparent blurred, glassy background. And that's pretty much it. But it does look great, at least we think so. Check out the screenshots below to see what this tweak does:
BlurriedNCBackground Before After
It is indeed a very simple tweak but it does a have a few configuration options. First setting is where you can adjust the Gaussian Blur according to your preferences. The higher you set this setting the more blurry it gets. Although be advised that it has been said, the more Gaussian Blur the more it strains your processor. You might as well leave it on its defaults setting. The second setting is for the Divide Ratio, which is basically the resolution of the blur. The lowest setting is blocky while the highest is crisp. Same thing here, the lower the resolution, the faster the tweak will load.

You will notice that this tweak will slow down the loading of the Notification Center because of the time it takes to blur the background. And this is where the third configuration comes in, Blurring Mode. When set to Asynchronous Blur mode this eliminates the lag when the Notification Center is launched.

If you don't like how the default notification looks, you might want to check out BlurriedNCBackground. It is a cool little tweak that adds a bit of customizability to the Notification Center. And best of all, this tweak can be yours free of charge. Just head over to Cydia under BigBoss repo to download this tweak.

This tweak will only work with an iDevice jailbroken on iOS 5. Here are some guides if you haven't done it yet. If you have installed the iOS 5.0 build, read our Redsn0w tutorial for a tethered solution. For a semi-tethered jailbreak however, read our complete guide here. For users who have gotten the latest firmware update, check out our iOS 5.0.1 final guide here.

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    xxXzzzzzzzzzzlizzeerrr9 years, 8 months ago

    This is actually very cool! It works by taking a screenshot then applies the blur effect, so if you notice some lag then that is why!