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Apple Planning to Release New Thinner 15″ MacBook in March 2012

There is no doubt that Apple's iPhone 4S currently dominates the headlines of the tech industry news, along with its exclusive feature Siri and of course the company's latest mobile operating system, the iOS 5. But now it seems that we are getting some buzz regarding Apple's line of notebook computers, the MacBook. According to a report, Apple is planning to release a 15" ultra-thin model of the popular MacBook.

Thinner MacBook Pro
The report came yet again from Taiwan-based IT insiders, Digitimes. According to them, Apple's upstream suppliers have recently started shipping small volumes of components for a 15" ultra-thin notebook model in November. There is no clear indication what are those parts are for but it is speculated to be one of the two things, either it is a larger version of the MacBook Air or it is a MacBook Pro with a thinner form factor. According to the sources familiar with the upstream supply chain, the new MacBook is expected to be launched at around the 2nd quarter of 2012.

Estimated by the product planning, mass shipments of the notebook device will start in March and could be cataloged in either the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro line.

Much like the current MacBook Air models, it seems that the new 15" MacBook will be utilizing an SSD instead of an HDD and will once again forego the use of an optical drive. The MacBook Pro line of products have received a recent inventory refresh and as well as minor bumps on its hardware specs, so a new MacBook Pro version is still quite unlikely at this point.

But then again, DigiTimes is not exactly known for its reliable information so one should just take it as a grain of salt. But it is hard to deny that it would interesting to have a new larger 15" Macbook Air or a thinner MacBook Pro. [via DigiTimes]

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