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iOS 5 New Features and Changes: A Video Walkthrough

As you all know, Apple has finally opened the gates on iOS 5 and now millions of iOS device owners will be able to experience what this version of the Cupertino company's new mobile operating system has to offer. But for those who aren't following the news about iOS and hasn't upgraded yet, you might be wondering what to expect from iOS 5. Well read on because we have a video for you that you might want to check out.

iOS 5 Features
One thing you need to know about the iOS 5 is that this is probably the best iOS to date in terms of new features, improvements and changes. Apple have been listening to customer feedbacks and such feedbacks were implemented into the iOS 5. According to Apple, the iOS 5 has 200+ new features which goes to show what you can expect with regards to the freshness in experience. Still not convinced yet? Well here's a video from techie YouTube user lockergnome where he runs down the main features of the iOS 5:

As you can see from the extensive video walkthrough of iOS 5, there are so much new stuff that you can play with and further improve the iOS user experience. First thing that was detailed in the video was the PC Free updates. Basically if it is your first time using iOS 5, you will now be able to setup your device without connecting it into a computer and launching iTunes. In addition to that, over-the-air (OTA) updates are now supported in iOS 5 too. This feature will let you download and install incremental iOS updates on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You will also notice that iOS 5 is heavily integrated with iCloud, Apple's newest web-based service. For instance, you can backup your device's configuration on iCloud for easy retrieval later.

Another main feature of the iOS 5 that many users will surely like is the new revamped notifications system called Notifications Center. The old notifications was more in your face in terms of approach which consequently makes it quite intrusive and even annoying at times. With the old notifications, it will simply appear at the top of the screen and if you want to read it, you can simply swipe it down. It is effective yet very subtle and it does not interrupt the user while using the device.

And the changes and new features simply piles on. Deep twitter integration, iMessage, improved Camera app, new Reminders, NewsStand, enhancements to Safari such as tabbed browsing and Reader, WiFi Sync, AirPlay Mirroring and many more.

iOS 5 is definitely shaping up to be the best version of iOS yet, so we highly encouraged everyone to update granted that your devices are fully supported. We will be covering more iOS 5 features as they come up so be sure to stay tuned.

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