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Top 10 Cases for Your iPhone 4S

Just last week, fans of Apple have gotten a new gadget to play with in the form iPhone 4S, the Cupertino company's latest and greatest smartphone to date. If you are someone who's fortunate enough to get his hands on the new iPhone, then the first thing that you might want to consider investing in is a new case. As you can see from a drop test we have shown on a previous report, the iPhone 4S does not fare well when its dropped especially when faced down as it suffers significant damage. So here's the Top 10 Best Cases for Your iPhone 4S.

iPhone 4S
In this list, we have taken into account the cases' aesthetics, bulkiness and the protection it can provide. So you can use these cases on a daily basis. And since the iPhone 4S has pretty much the same form factor as the iPhone 4, most of these cases are compatible with the latter as well.

Skyline Rigid Flex Case by id America

Skyline Rigid Flex Case
Skyline is a simple but functional iPhone 4S case with a cool perforated design. Though technically it is silicone case it doesn't skimp when it comes to protection. This case is made from specially-stiffened thermoplastic polyurethanes which provides it with a Rigid-Flex feel. This enables the case to be thin enough so it is usable on a daily basis. It has the perfect combination of rigidity for protection and flexibility which enables the case to be easily taken on or off.

Buy Skyline Rigid Flex Case for $25.

Reveal Orbit by Griffin

Griffin Reveal Orbit
Now for something completely out of this world, or should I say out of this planet, we present to you Griffin's Reveal Orbit Case. It is a casing made of Polycarbonate that completely protects the side and back of your iPhone 4S from dirt and dust. What makes this case unique however is the translucent domed portholes located at the back of Reveal Orbit. This does not only stylishly reveal the phone's back surface but it also gives it a hand-friendly 3D surface.

Buy Reveal Orbit for $29.99.

OffGrid Backup Battery Case by Incipio

OffGrid Backup Battery Case
Incipio's OffGrid Backup Battery Case does not only protect your iPhone 4S from all sorts of scratches and bumps but it also adds some extra juice to your device. It does not exactly double your battery life but it does extend it by around 1.7 times which is not bad at all. The battery back-up's life has a four blue LED indicator that informs you just how much extra battery you have left. The case provides full access to all ports so you do not have to take it off just to access a button. Although you may have to pay a little extra for this particular case.

Buy OffGrid Backup Battery Case for $69.99.

Grove Artist Series Case

Grove Artist Series Case
Creative types will certainly appreciate Grove's iPhone 4S case series. These beautiful bamboo cases are all handmade to precision. But probably the main draw of this case series is the customizable artwork that you can place on the back of the casing. You can choose from a wide variety of designs made by other artists but if you want a more personalized approach, you can upload your own design as well. The case has a new black bezel that protects the front of your iPhone while it manages to keep it clean looking.

Buy Grove Artist Series Case for $89+ (depending on the design)

Barely There Brushed Aluminum Case by Case-Mate

Barely There Brushed Aluminum Case
There is no denying that the iPhone 4S is a super-sleek piece of hardware and that goes without saying that it needs an equally sleek casing as well. Then why don't you outfit your new iPhone with a brushed aluminum shell? This casing features aircraft grade aluminum with a brushed finish providing superior protection and at the same time looking sleek. And just like all good casings, this case provides access to all ports so removing it in any case is not necessary. Available in black and silver.

Buy Barely There Brushed Aluminum Case for $40.

Bird’s Nest Snap Case by InCase

Bird’s Nest Snap Case
Another case that's perfect for those who wants some creative flair to go along with their iPhone 4S. While this case doesn't exactly provide the same level of protection as the other cases found on this list (but it is still dependable), it more than makes up to it with its ultralight design and featured abstract back pattern. This case easily snaps on to any iPhone 4S device and it enable users to have direct access to all the device's features. When you buy the case, it also comes with a stand.

Buy Bird’s Nest Snap Case for $34.95.

monCarbone Hovercoat Carbon Fiber Case by Carbon Fiber Gear

monCarbone Hovercoat Carbon Fiber Case
Minimalist will certainly love this particular casing for the iPhone 4S. It is sleek and slim but it provides unparalleled protection from scratches. As its name implies, this case is made from real carbon fiber, the same material that's used in aerospace and some exotic cars. This makes the case ultra thin and lightweight (it only adds a weight factor by 5.8%) which is perfect for those who doesn't want that extra bulk from their casings. It is available in two finishes, midnight black (glossy) and mystery black (semi-gloss scratch resistant).

Buy monCarbone Hovercoat Carbon Fiber Case for $49.99.

Tuffwrap Shift by XtremeMac

Tuffwrap Shift
At first glance, it may seem everything about XtremeMac's Tuffwrap Shift is nothing remarkable. But this case is actually made from formulated material that changes the case color with heat activation. How neat is that? This TPU form-fitting case may be soft but it is durable enough to protect your iPhone 4S from dust, dirt and scratches. Available in Blue / White, Pink / White, Purple / Blue, Grey / White, Green / White and Orange / Yellow.

Buy Tuffwrap Shift for $29.99.

Triad Hard Shell Case by Incipio

Triad Hard Shell Case
Incipio's Triad Hard Shell Case is what you will get when you combine three characteristics that makes a casing good: style, protection and slim design. This case is actually a three-piece impact resistant polycarbonate that keeps your iPhone 4S protected but still manages to be quite stylish. This case has custom cutout holes to ensure that you can access all the buttons and features of your device such as the power button, headphone jack and camera. Another unique feature is that the cutout hole for the camera actually acts like a diffuser ring that provides an even distribution of light, thus resulting in vivid and crisp photos.

Buy Triad Hard Shell Case for $29.99.

Lifeproof Case by Lifeproof

Lifeproof Case
Now this what we call a protective casing. Lifeproof claims that this case can pretty much stand-up to the harshest elements. For starters, it can withstand water. Yes, it is waterproof, making it the casing of choice for those who wants to take their iPhone while surfing or if one simply wants to use it while on the shower. In addition to water, it can protect your iPhone 4S from ice, snow, sleet, dust, sand, grit, mud, drops, knocks and tumbles. This case is fully sealed and designed according to military specifications.

Buy Lifeproof Case for $69.95.

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    John Kilene6 years, 9 months ago

    I usually don’t ever comment, but if you google wrapsol they claim that their skins keep your phone safe. I don’t work for them but was on a search to find something to protect my wife’s iPad as she is very prone to dropping things and hated any and all cases that I bought. I then found a video of a guy flat out dropping his iPhone without breaking after that the person in the vid proceeded to throw his phone around to prove the protection offered. My wife so far has dropped her iPad 2 more then a dozen times throws it in her purse which then gets dropped and thrown around. So far only a few minor scratches and there is little to no drag or added glair. I have 2 iPads, 2 iPod Touch’s, 2 droid X’s, 2 Htc Tbolt and my kindle skinned with this stuff. So if you don’t like the added bulk that a case add’s like my wife then give that site a look. If you check their Facebook page they usually have some type of promo code to help lower the price.

    All I have to say is that I can’t wait until my contract is up to switch over to an iPhone. Because if the difference in performance was as big as going from an iPad 1 to the 2 then I think I’ll have to finally give up the droid.

    Thanks for the case review as that is the first thing I look to buy for myself and this info greatly helps.


      Pramod6 years, 9 months ago

      Thanks for your valuable input John. :D