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Send My Location: Instantly Send Your Map Location Through SMS [Jailbreak Tweak]

One of the main draws of jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is of course the ability to install tweaks and apps that brings a whole new world of functionalities to your iDevices. And here in Jaxov, we really enjoy bringing to you the jailbreak tweaks and apps that we think jailbreak fans should take a look at. It can either be extremely useful and practical or it can be simply fun and unique. Today we have jailbreak tweak that were sure everyone would find to be useful one way or another.

Cydia Tweaks
The name of the tweak is called Send My Location. This tweak basically enables users to send their current location by simply sending an SMS to any recipient. The SMS created by the tweak will contain a url that will let the recipient know your current whereabouts through the iOS Maps app. We realize that a new feature in iOS 5 covers this functionality but users have to grant access before it becomes usable. With Send My Location, such permissions are not necessary which makes it highly useful when you urgently need to let someone know your current location. You got lost, perhaps?
Send My Location Jailbreak Tweak
So where exactly can you access this tweak? Well, to access the tweak you simply need to launch the iOS stock Messages and then you should see a Send Location button from the top left of the screen. Just tap the button and it will automatically grab your current location and you can instantly send it over as a text message to anyone from your contacts. This is granted of course that they should also be using a device that runs iOS. The tweak is works on both iOS 4 and 5. Send My Location can be found under the BigBoss repo and the best part is you can get it for free.

Since this a jailbreak tweak, you need to have a jailbroken iOS device before you can use Send My Location. In case you haven't yet, just check out these following tutorials that we have provided for you. For iOS 4.3.5 firmware users, we refer you to our Redsn0w tethered jailbreak guide. If you would rather have an untethered jailbreak, we recommended you restore your iDevice to iOS 4.3.3 and jailbreak it using one of the following tools: Redsn0w, Sn0wbreeze, PwnageTool and JailbreakMe (Recommended for beginners). If you have installed the latest iOS 5.0 build, read our Redsn0w tutorial for a tethered solution. For a semi-tethered jailbreak however, read our recent guide here.

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