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Apple Sold 4 Million iPhone 4S Units in First Three Days, Breaks Sales Record

As you already know, the iPhone 4S was officially made available for the general public last Friday, October 14th. Days before it was released, Apple accepted pre-orders for the iPhone 4S and in just a matter of hours, pre-order numbers were already impressive until it got to the point where it eventually sold out. And now Apple has again made record breaking sales as the iPhone 4S manages to sell more than 4 million units in just the first three days since its launch.

iPhone 4S Black and White
This particular bit of impressive news came straight from the fruit company themselves to which the company announced during a press statement that the iPhone 4S sold a whopping 4 million units since Friday and over the weekend. According to the Cupertino company, four million units in three days is a record breaking number in terms of phone sales. No other phone in history was able to reach such impressive sales in just a matter of days. In contrast to the iPhone 4, 4 million is double than what the previous generation iPhone managed to sell.

According to Apple:

Apple® today announced it has sold over four million of its new iPhone® 4S, just three days after its launch on October 14. In addition, more than 25 million customers are already using iOS 5, the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, in the first five days of its release, and more than 20 million customers have signed up for iCloud®, a breakthrough set of free cloud services that automatically and wirelessly store your content in iCloud and push it to all your devices.

In addition to that, Apple also revealed that more than 25 million users have already installed iOS 5 into their device. If anyone can recall, the final version of iOS 5 was released last Wednesday. Along with the launch of iOS 5, Apple also released iCloud from its beta state making it available for the general public. And now 20 million people have already signed-up for an account which can only be attributed to the fact that anyone with an Apple ID can sign-up for an account, and for free nonetheless.

Looks like Apple has another hit smartphone on their hands which isn't really that surprising considering that it is after all a new iPhone. One can only conclude that the fact Apple added the third largest major carrier in the U.S., Sprint to carry the new phones definitely made it possible to make such impressive number of sales, and a record breaking one at that. If you are going to base it off the reaction of the people around the Internet regarding the 4S, one would think that many people would pass on the iPhone 4S. But based on this report, that seems to be not the case at all.

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