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Apple’s New Smartphone, iPhone 4S – Features, Specs, Release Date, Pricing & More

As you all know, it was not long ago that Apple's "Let's Talk iPhone" has concluded. And of course, the device that everybody has been waiting for has been finally unveiled by the Cupertino company, the iPhone 4S. Despite the persisting rumors that the next iPhone will have a different form factor and larger screen that the current iPhone, it seems that Apple decided with releasing a souped-up version of the iPhone 4 instead. And now we will be bringing to you everything that you need to know about Apple's latest major smartphone, the iPhone 4S.

iPhone 4S White
This year's iPhone event has a couple of major changes about it. First of course instead of Ex-Apple CEO Steve Jobs doing the keynote presentation, it is now Apple CEO Tim Cook's turn to do the honors. Tim doesn't necessarily have the same stage presence and presentation skills of Steve, but for his first ever keynote presentation, he did it very well. This is also the first time that an Apple event was held at Cupertino, CA instead of the usual convention center in San Francisco. And now on to the meat of the subject, the iPhone 4S.

iPhone 4S Features:

Processor: As it was strongly rumored in the past, the iPhone 4S features an A5 Dual Core Processor (same as the iPad 2) which bumps up the CPU to up to 2x and up to 7x faster graphics processing because of the dual core graphics.
iPhone 4S A5 Chip
Improved Camera: Yet another strongly rumored feature of the next iPhone. Boasting 8 megapixel sensor, and iPhone 4S's camera is capable of macro shots and shoot photos with up to 3264 x 2428 resolution. Other technical additions include the new face detection, new hybrid IR filer, faster photo time and enhanced white balance. The iPhone 4S easily rivals other dedicated point and shoot cameras and perhaps even replace them altogether.
iPhone 4S Camera
Video: Now with the iPhone 4S, it is now possible to record videos at FullHD 1080p with real-time image stabilization and noise reduction.
iPhone 4S Video
Faster Downlink Speeds: The iPhone 4S has an improved antenna that even though it is still using 3G, the device is still capable of speeds that are comparable to 4G phones. A maximum of 14.4Mbps for downloads and 5.8Mbps for uploads. Apart from that, the usual connectivity trappings are supported such as WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth.

True World Phone: The iPhone 4S has a dual CDMA/GSM chip that can accommodate both networks which effectively makes it a true world phone. The iPhone 4S will be cheaper for Apple to manufacture since the company does not need to create different models for different carriers. Again, the improved camera will help in improving the overall quality of calls.
iPhone 4S World Phone
Longer Battery Life: The iPhone 4S's battery is a slight upgrade than the iPhone 4. 8 hours of talk time (compared to the iPhone 4's 7 hours), 9 hours of WiFi surfing and 6 hours for 3G browsing. Although standby time is much less with 200 hours only (compared to the iPhone 4's 300 hours).

Siri, the iPhone 4S Intelligent Assistant

iPhone 4S Siri
Probably one of the most notable features that was presented during the iPhone event, and is also an iPhone 4S exclusive. Siri, the iPhone 4S Intelligent Assistant is an enhanced speech-based artificial intelligence feature that is built-in right into the new iPhone. Yes, it basically works like your personal secretary right into your iPhone. Since this is a voice activated feature, all you need to do is ask your iPhone 4S pretty much anything in order to get things done.

Want to know the weather in a certain location? All you need to do is ask like how would you ask a normal person and Siri will provide you with that information. Other phone functions can be accessed as well through Siri such as going through your calendar, checking and replying to messages, scheduling meetings and you can even have Siri retrieve an information through Internet through Wikipedia / Wolfram Alpha. It is a powerful new feature that certainly takes advantage of the iPhone 4S's A5 chip. Check out this video of Siri for the iPhone 4S:

Models and Pricing

iPhone 4S Black and White
The iPhone 4S will come in two colored variants: the black and white model. As for storage capacities, the iPhone 4S comes in the usual 16GB ($199), 32GB ($299) and 64GB ($399). All models of course comes with a two-year carrier contract.


iPhone 4S Carriers
Those who can't wait to get their hands into the iPhone 4S, you can pre-order the device from Apple's online store starting on October 7th. The iPhone 4S will be available in major network carriers, AT&T, Verizon and now for the first time, Sprint on October 14th. Interestingly enough, Sprint will be getting the iPhone 4 too.

The iPhone 4S sports the same design feature as the current iPhone 4 and this particular announcement has certainly disappointed those who have been eagerly waiting for a redesigned iPhone. This is considering of course the massive hype that surrounded the announcement and the fact that people have been waiting for many months now. We will just have to wait and see how the iPhone 4S will do once it becomes available.

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