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VLC Media Player (Pre-Alpha Build) Now Available for Android, Download Now!

I'm sure most of you can recall that when it comes to music and video playback, there was a time when we are stuck with Windows Media Player or whatever it is that comes by default with your operating system. But then one open-source, cross platform media player arrived and multimedia playback has never been the same again. I'm talking of course about the uber-popular VLC Media Player. If you haven't heard about it, then I must ask where's the rock that you've been living under for so many years? And now good news for Android users, VLC Media Player is finally available for download on your system, although it's only an early alpha build.

VLC for Android
If anyone can recall, VLC Media Player was launched on the iOS App Store a while back. But unfortunately it was later pulled out after Apple received copyright infringement from VLC developers stating that an open source software has no business being in a closed distribution platform such as the App Store. But the VLC app has later found a new home in Cydia, so all's well that ends well.

This particular bit of news was brought to our attention by software developer Austen who owns the website CVPCS. The said developer claims that he have come across some information on how to build VLC Media Player for the Android platform, so he went ahead and built an alpha pre-package for the app. The developer has provided the information on how to compile your own VLC for Android package and all the technicalities involved which can be found here.
VLC for Android Screenshot
There are currently two builds which you can choose from, the NEON and NONEON builds. Choosing one depends if your device supports a specific build. In order to check whether your device supports NEON or NONEON, you will need to use ADB so you can use it to search for the file called cpuinfo under /proc. Under the said file, check if the word NEON is present under features. If you see NEON, then you download the NEON build, otherwise go with NONEON.

Before you install the APK files, be sure the you enable Unknown Sources under Settings > Applications first. Download links can be found here.

Again keep in mind that this is a pre-alpha build, so you can't expect any level of support in case you run into some difficulties. The developer noted himself that he only compiled this package for fun. And because this is a very early build, it is only natural to expect that you will run into some stability issues and several bugs. It has been almost 2 years since Android became mainstream and it is quite disappointing that one of the most popular media player for the system is still under development. Android users can only hope that a much more stable version comes soon.

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