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New “iPhones” Will Arrive Next Month Says Apple Board Member, Al Gore

One of the most persistent rumors that is surrounding the release of Apple's next generation iPhone is that the tech giant is said to release not one, but two iPhones this coming fall. One of course is the follow-up to the highly successful iPhone 4, the iPhone 5 and the other one is an entry-level smartphone dubbed only as the iPhone 4S. Now according to a report, a prominent political figure may have just spilled out a hint regarding these long standing rumors about Apple's plan to release two new iPhones.

The political figure in question is no other than former Vice President of the United States Al Gore who also recently joined Apple's Board of Directors. So how exactly did Al Gore spill the beans? Well Gore stated at the Discovery Invest Leadership Summit that "the new iPhones would be out next month". This report came from TheNextWeb, and according to them the specific quote of Al Gore was: “Not to mention the new iPhones coming out next month. That was a plug.”

Now it may seem like a simple, innocent statement from the famed politician regarding the iPhone but on closer look, the statement was definitely plural. The plurality of Gore's statement may be implying that Apple will indeed more than one iPhone. Again, this is in-line with persistent rumors that Apple will release two new iPhones, a lower-end model which is similar to the iPhone 4 but with decreased storage capacity and the other one being the highly anticipated iPhone 5.
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With all the rumors that has been going on around for the past months, rather than coming from analysts or a telecom CEO, this is actually the first time that someone made a statement who has actual ties with Apple. Sure, Gore may just be a Board Member but at least his position should give his statements some weight. All we're saying is that, it would be difficult to take Gore's statement with a grain of salt considering his position at Apple.

But then again, we can't also discount the possibility that Gore may have just misspoke and the internet is simply making a big deal about it. The plurality in his statement could refer to the fact that Apple will be shipping millions of iPhones next month, which of course makes sense. Or it could be that he may have made that statement based on the rumors that are already circulating. Well we might as well take Gore's statement for what it is, at least here's another confirmation that a new iPhone will be hitting the stores next month.

There are reports that Apple will be holding an event on the 4th of October where the company will finally announce and showcase the much awaited iPhone 5. The key presenter is said to be Apple's new CEO, Tim Cook and will be backed by iOS chief Scott Forstall and marketing head Phil Schiller. Well things are sure going to get scorching hot and busy these coming weeks as far as Apple is concerned so be sure to stay tune with us for more news.

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