Jailbreak iOS 5 Beta 7 on Your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with Sn0wbreeze v2.8b7 for Windows

As you all know, a few days ago, Apple just released the seventh beta update to iOS 5. Much like the pre-release versions before it, iOS 5 beta 7 does not have anything much to offer in terms of new features. Although with its several enhancements and bug fixes, it does bring the system an inch closer to the final release build. Well here’s a quick heads-up for those who have updated to iOS 5 beta 7 and wants to jailbreak it, Sn0wbreeze has just been updated to version 2.8b7.
Sn0wbreeze Logo
Sn0wbreeze 2.8b7 can be used to jailbreak iOS 5 beta 7 into your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. While most people can use Redsn0w 0.9.8b7 for the same purpose, Sn0wbreeze is a better option for those are supporting carrier unlocks on their iPhone. This is because Sn0wbreeze preserves your old baseband on the iPhone 4 or 3GS so that you can unlock them using Gevey SIM or Ultrasn0w. Using Redsn0w, there’s a chance that you will lose your carrier unlock.

In addition to that, Sn0wbreeze can also hacktivate iOS 5 beta 7 on your iPhone 4/3GS. What does that mean? Well, you can use Sn0wbreeze to install iOS 5 beta 7 into your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch without the UDID check, which means that even someone without a developer account can install iOS 5 beta 7. As you all know to have access to iOS and software betas, one has to have a developer account which can be obtained by enrolling in Apple’s iOS Dev Center for $99 per year. Aside from hacktivation, Sn0wbreeze also removes the beta expiry timer of iOS 5 beta 7, which is set to expire on October 20.
sn0wbreeze 2.8b7
Here’s the complete changelog for Sn0wbreeze 2.8b7:

sn0wbreeze v2.8b7 – Release Notes
* Now jailbreaks iOS 5 beta 7.
* Still removes UDID Developer check + Beta timer.
* Still has the ability to hacktivate.
* Still preserves the baseband (as always!).
Supported Devices and Tethered?
* iPhone 3GS (old bootrom)…..NO
* iPhone 3GS (new bootrom)….YES
* iPhone 4 (GSM)…………..YES
* iPhone 4 (CDMA)………….YES
* iPod Touch 3G……………YES
* iPod Touch 4…………….YES
* iPad 1G…………………YES

The procedure of jailbreaking iOS 5 beta 7 into your device using this version of Sn0wbreeze remains similar to past methods, so if you require some help just refer to our Sn0wbreeze guide. Keep in mind that this is a tethered jailbreak only except for the iPhone 3GS with old bootrom which can be jailbroken untethered. It is unlikely that we’ll ever see an iOS 5 untethered jailbreak until the final release build is officially out. And on another note, this release of Snowbreeze is for Windows only.

Download Links:

Download iOS 5 Beta 7 IPSW for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
Download sn0wbreeze v2.8b7 for Windows.

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  • Ralph Lawrence

    Almost decided to do this… I have two options. Please advise which option I should go for, I am on Windows machine:

    1) Use Sn0wbreeze to just upgrade the firmware and preserve baseband… than use RedSn0w to install Cydia (jailbreak) and than install the semi-tethered repo


    2) Use Sn0wbreeze to go in expert mode and upgrade firmware/preserve baseband/jailbreak all in 1 go…

    3) Will Gevey hack work in semi-tethered mode when i.e. I am on the road and need to reboot without pc?

    Need your opinion as I had problems last night on 1 phone with Sn0wbreeze but never have had problems with RedSn0w…

    • Pramod

      Use option 1. That’s what I would suggest.
      About the Gevey, I haven’t been able to confirm the same just yet. If it didn’t work, you always the option to revery back, so no issues there.

  • Ralph Lawrence

    For the benefit of those reading. This is a problem with Gevey users only. When I place my AT&T SIM I get Personal Hotspot alright, but when I place my other sim using Gevey I get Cellular Network option under Cellular Data but Personal Hotspot dissapears. I am not sure if its a problem only with Gevey Ultra or other Geveys as well… will try Gevey supreme and update. In any case earlier on IOS 4.3.5 under Cellular Network there was a Tether option which is now missing in IOS 5.0 GM. Therefore cant get personal hotspot to work…. If you have a JB phone Tetherme is working just fine…

    Jaxov can you advise if its wortwhile to JB the phone and use it semi tethered with the new hack out there?

    • Pramod

      As long as you don’t worry about loosing your Mail / Safari apps in case you reboot, your always the best at Semi-tethered JB.

  • Ralph Lawrence

    I am upgraded to IOS 5 GM using Sn0wbreeze. The above steps are not working. I have reset the network multiple times, but under cellular data there is no option for “tethering” only mms and apn settings appear. Therefore I cant get personal hotspot. Other users also reporting same problems… any fix?

    • Pramod

      I believe then its your provider that needs to set up this service / get it activated for you on your SIM.

  • iphonemaster

    Read that IOS 5 has push updates. I use Gevey for unlock. So I will use Sn0wBreeze to update my IOS to preserve bb. However can apple than just send a push update and I loose/upgrade my bb?

    • Pramod

      Nope. OTA updates do not work on jailbroken iPhones & currently there aren’t any updates pushed out by Apple. But once its out, make sure you don’t update when it asks you to do so.

  • mukki

    You have mentioned October 12th as a date to downgrade to 4.3.5 without shsh blobs. If I was to buy a phone with IOS 5 GM can I not downgrade it with Gevey a week later? Or will it just end up being a brick on my desk. Many Thanks!

    • Pramod

      Nope. Apple will have already closed the signing window for iOS 4.3.5 for sure by then hence rendering it useless for a downgrade.

  • Opelyam

    I am buying a phone thats un-activated online. The seller is not sure what firmware version it is as it has the following message:

    “No SIM Card Installed…Insert a valid…” with connect to “itunes” picutre.

    The seller states:

    I am nearly positive that it’s 4.3.5. The IOS 5 firmware doesn’t have to be connected to iTunes to activate. When I turn it on it asks me to connect to iTunes to activate. Because of that I’m almost sure it’s 4.3.5.

    I want to make sure that the seller is right and I can safely bid on the item as I plan to unlock it and IOS 5 is unlockable :(

    • Pramod

      Right now, all you can do is to take the seller’s word for what he says. I / noone can guarantee you how will your bid / purchase turn out to be until you actually receive the device & hook it to iTunes. Can’t help you much with this regard.

  • opalis

    Could I downgrade IOS 5 to IOS 4.3.5 that apple is still signing. Will that change my baseband and would I than be able to unlock the phone using Gevey? Thanks.

    • Pramod

      If your sure to get your device before Oct 12th, then yes.

  • opalis

    Hi, I am about to buy a iPhone 4 on ebay.com for 340 bucks. Its IOS 5. I want to confirm that I would be able to use it with Gevey and hactivate/jailbreak tethered. Please advise.

    • Pramod

      No. iOS 5 has already blocked the Gevey exploit, so you will not be able to unlock the iP4 using a Gevey anyhow.

  • opelyam

    Thanks, your advise worked like a charm and I was able to configure personal hotspot as it automagically reappeared when I followed your steps :)

  • opelyam

    I have an AT&T Iphone 4 with ios 4.3.5 with Gevey unlock (no jailbreak). Its working fine and I have got 3G etc configured with Vodafone. Now I was trying today to connect my laptop to internet using my phone… Thats when I found out that Apple has disabled “Personal Hotspot” from 4.3.5. Even resetting network settings doesnt give me this option.

    What options do I have to enable this feature or some other form of tethering and if you could provide detais.


    • Pramod

      This has goto do something with the cellular data settings of your carrier SIM because Apple never really has blocked the Personal Hotspot option.
      The “Personal Hotspot” option appears in two locations:
      1) in the main Settings menu
      2) in Settings -> General -> Network menu

      Try this:
      1. Take note of your cellular data settings before you proceed. The configurations are available at Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network.
      2. Reset these to original factory settings. Settings > General > Reset. Here choose Reset Network Settings. iPhone will ask you to enter your personal code if your passcode lock activated. The phone will reboot to reset.
      3. Return to the APN settings (Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network) and complete all the settings details copied before. You will find that in addition to this there is an Internet Tethering section at the very bottom. Use the same APN key as for the Cellular Data section which you will find at the very top of this screen.
      4. Once you have the APN settings complete you need to return to the “Network” screen. Click on the Network back arrow to navigate to the previous screen.
      5. From the Network screen switch Off the Mobile Data and then switch it On again. You may not need this step but sometimes it helps to kind of reset the data connection with your carrier.

      After you have completed the above you will find that there is a Personal Hotspot option in the Settings screen.

      If this didn’t work out for you, you might want to give the Vodafone reps a call.

    • Pramod

      Yes, you need to ONLY use Redsn0wRC18 to install Cydia & then follow any guide that shows you the usage of SAM. SAM works for all the versions of iPhones / iOS in the same way.

  • Techcheat

    Sorry for a barage of questions. The way I see it is that your responses are going a long way to help similar noobs who find themselves in the position I am in.

    “In your case, you might want to use SAM / PushDoctor to get a unique push cert for yourselves since you didn’t have one”
    ^^1)What will I gain by having these unique certs pushed by apple as far as functionality is concerned?

    2) Would this mean that if I use SAM or Pushdoctor and if I upgrade later from apple than I wont get stuck in “emergency calls only screen”?

    3) Is it worth the hassle? Please advise. I can follow instructions pretty good but do get a little hesitant when I read the bricking nightmare stories on web.

    Please advise what should be my next steps…

    • Pramod

      Yes, its definitely getting pretty long.

      1. Unique push certs are your are for your push notifications to work properly which doesn’t if your hacktivated (which you currently are as of now). Google it up if don’t know what push notifications are for.
      2. NO. Its only for the reason I just mentioned in the previous point. A restore will erase everything & will kick you back to the so called screen.
      3. N. Its definitely not. It seems your not aware of what a tethered JB actually is & its disadvantages. You might want to Google that up as well before you do anything.

  • Techcheat

    Regarding point number 1. I am not in US so currently I cant use a US SIM to register my phone and activate it. But if I was to visit or if some mail it to a friend could he activate it?
    Your answer: Yes

    Given the current state that my phone is in how would he activate it? Would he first have to update it to 4.3.5 from Apple and than he would return to “emergency calls screen” and than he can simply put any AT&T card to activate the phone?

    Can I use Redsnow tethered to ugprade to 4.3.5 and use tethered login. I am not going to do this, I am simply asking from a functionality standpoint.

    • Pramod

      You are already activated (hacktivated) as of now. What registration are you talking about? When did Apple ask you to register your iPhone? I really didn’t understand you there.
      Your scenario in the second para is correct. That’s how he would officially activate. Its nothing but asking Apple for unique push certs. In your case, you might want to use SAM / PushDoctor to get a unique push cert for yourselves since you didn’t have one. You need to install Cydia for all this. Read about SAM here http://bit.ly/mDpDwr.
      What’s the actual point in having a tethered JB? iOS 4.3.5 / 4.3.4 has nothing new in it when compared to iOS 4.3.3. They have only blocked certain JB related tools to not work anymore on these versions.

  • Techcheat

    1) The seller on ebay told me its an activated phone, however since he did a reset before selling it to me and I dont have a “US SIM” therefore the only way for me to activate it was using your method. If I was to goto US can I activate my phone using the phone’s carriers SIM?

    2) If/When Snowbreeze for IOS 5 becomes available I would have to follow the steps and that upgrade would still retain my unlock. (I am guessing I would have to check “unlock” on the menu options to hacktivate)

    3) Is this a bad deal, I have an ebay case open. Should I challenge the buyer, or its really not that big of a deal now that my phone is working and at max I would have to upgrade once a year

    4) Can I still upgrade to 4.3.5 for tethered boot using snowbreeze on my phone?

    • Pramod

      1. A US AT&T SIM only that’s sold on / off contract with the iPhones. You can borrow one from your friend & use the same to activate. No issues there & you need not buy one as well.
      2. I / We haven’t seen what the latest version of SB even looks like. If it is of the same design as before, then Yes. You need to tick the hacktivate option whilst creating one.
      3. It doesn’t really matter at all. No biggie.
      4. Sn0wBreeze doesn’t support iOS 4.3.5.

  • Techcheat

    2) The current state of my phone, how does it effect my ability to do things, as in can I just upgrade to any firmware from Apple or will the “activation” message reappear if I upgrade to any other official firmware

    “2. Yes, it will appear always since your iP4 is a locked one. Your relying on a Gevey unlock which will be lost if you update to iOS 5 directly from Apple once its public.”

    ^^ I think you didnt understand my question. If I was to upgrade to IOS 5.0 firmware from Apple would I become “inactivated” as in “Emergency Calls Creen”. I understand I would be locked and Gevey wont work, but would my phone still work without “Emergency Calls Screen”?

    3) Lastly please validate if my understanding is correct. Once IOS 5 is released for me to upgrade 1 of 2 things needs to happen:

    a) Snowbreeze or some other group needs to release IOS 5 upgrade preserving the baseband so my Gevey works

    b) Gevey releases a new SIM that works with updated baseband of IOS 5. In taht case I dont need to preserve my baseband.

    4) Finally: The SHSH blobs I saved, I can always revert to 4.3.3 (obviously with your help) in case I accidently upgrade to IOS 5 and am stuck.

    • Pramod

      2. That’s what I actually meant by the first sentence of that point. Yes, it will appear (Emergency Call screen) always since your iP4 is a locked one for any & every kind of restores you would perform from iTunes.
      3. a) & b) That’s absolutely right !!
      4. Yes you definitely can, but you should also know that if you update the iOS accidentally from iTunes, there is absolutely no way that you can downgrade your BB unlike your iOS back to iOS 4.3.3 because it gets updated as well forever.

  • Techcheat

    Thank you so much Pramod. I couldnt find the answers anywhere and you helped me so quickly in resolving my issue. I have just have a few follow up questions:

    1) You stated my phone is not fully jailbroken. DOes it mean its partially jailbroken, can you ellaborate more?

    2) The current state of my phone, how does it effect my ability to do things, as in can I just upgrade to any firmware from Apple or will the “activation” message reappear if I upgrade to any other official firmware

    3) You mentioned I cant upgrade to IOS 5.0. But considering in future there is a jailbreak for IOS 5.0 untethered available, would I be able to upgrade to IOS 5.x (also assuming Gevey would be supported on that version)

    4) I havent installed Cydia, but can you point me to an article that gives why would someone want to jailbreak Iphone if they already have Gevey to unlock. I have read that it allows you to install non istore apps, but where do one gets these apps and are they really worth the trouble?

    One again, I bow to your willingness to help a noob like me.

    • Pramod

      1. Yes that’s right. You haven’t installed Cydia yet which is always a part of jailbreaking but obviously you are still jailbroken since your now out of the Emergency Call screen.
      2. Yes, it will appear always since your iP4 is a locked one. Your relying on a Gevey unlock which will be lost if you update to iOS 5 directly from Apple once its public.
      3. If only at that point of time there is an untethered solution for the same & your able to preserve your BB using a custom iOS 5 IPSW, its all good. The main idea here is to preserve your BB to keep the Gevey unlock.
      4. You might want to browse our other posts for the same. There isn’t any hard & fast rule as to why you would / wouldn’t want to JB your device. But obviously to begin with, you need that Cydia installed on your device.

  • Techcheat

    You rock dude. I am inside my phone and installing Gevey :D:D:D Now if you could just take 2 mins and tell me, is my iPhone jailbreaked or regular? Can I do OTA upgrades, what will happen when I plug phone to itunes, will it show activated (but not unlocked)… Can I do upgrades without worrying about SHSH.

    One more time, YOU ROCK!!!

    • Pramod

      Your iP4 is not completely jailbroken just yet. By choosing to install Cydia, it would be a complete JB of your device. OTA updates are only available in the iOS 5 beta versions which fails to install on jailbroken iPhones & so will your Gevey. That’s right, the Gevey exploit is already closed by Apple in the iOS 5 betas. So make sure not update your iP4 via iTunes if you want to keep your unlock.

  • Techcheat

    Do I download 4.3.3 IPSW? As in my iphone is not showing as a disk drive so I cant browse to the phone and point it to the Ipohones IPSW as per your post.
    Another dumb question is if all I care about is activating and I have a gevey, why would I want to jailbreak? What would be the benefits and the negatives.

    Many many thanks.

    • Pramod

      Yes, you need to download it separately that’s specific to your iPhone’s model. Eh, which post of mine asked you to point something to the iPhone itself? I’m sure that it wasn’t the iPhone’s drive obviously.
      Nevermind about the JB. You might want to Google that second query of yours if your really new to jailbreaking your device.

  • Techcheat

    I dont see 4.3.3 SHSH but 4.3.5 and above…. but I did use Tinyumbrella and it showed by version as 4.3.3 and also my Windows 7 showed firmware as 4.3.3. In any case I have ran the ifaith that you recommended and gone through the 13 passes to save the blobs. Dunno how to recover them yet, but right not the whole idea is to hacktivate the iphone with bricking. I am awaiting your response if I can go ahead and use RedSn0w Rc18 even if it says its for 4.2.8. Please provide any link to a guide if possible.

    • Pramod

      Yep, cool. Your good to go in terms of saved SHSH then.
      Eh what? Verizon? Were are you downloading it from? The iPhone Dev-Team’s blog right? Never mind. Download it from here http://bit.ly/lMeWpa & make sure that your pointing it iOS 4.3.3 IPSW ONLY w/o any of the options ticked.

  • Techcheat

    Thanks for the quick response. I am so glad to finally have some help.

    Yes you are right I got the following message in Tinyumbrella:

    09/25/2011 01:59:01.206 For version [iPhone4 4.3 (8F190)] – This device isn’t eligible for the requested build. 09/25/2011 01:59:01.212 APPLE is NOT signing iPhone4 4.3 (8F190) SHSH requests anymore. All you can do now is select CYDIA and hope that CYDIA has your SHSH saved. If not, there is nothing you can do.

    I went ahead and saved my SHSH blobs in a folder. I have a bunch of files like this for various versions:


    All I care is to hacktivate the device and I have Gevey to unlock. Do I need to save the blobs again using a different tool or is the Tinyumbrella version fine. I really dont know how to use them in the future. Is there a guide/link?

    Coming to the hacktivate part. Do I just install the tool and follow instructions? Will this keep my firmware or upgrade it?

    Many thanks.

    • Pramod

      Well, do you see an iOS 4.3.3 SHSH for your device anywhere? (I don’t see one for iOS 4.3.3.) If its already saved, then your good to go.
      Redsn0w will definitely keep your iOS version intact.

  • Techcheat

    I have an Apple IPhone 4 un-activated. I am not in USA and therefore dont have a SIM to activate it. When I plug the phone to my Windows 7 machine the phone shows up firmware of 4.3.3. I followed the Snowbreeze 2.7.3 to jailbreak and hactivate my handset but even after changing the host file I get error 3041… I am now stuck. I dont know what to do? Has apple stopped activating 4.3.3.
    Can I use the latest snowbreeze and will this hacktivate as well as upgrade my device to ios 5 beta 7? I dont mind tethered boot, but I do mind not having the phone working at all. Also do I have to do anything to save the SHSH blobs or just use the latest Snowbreeze. Any advise is helpful.

    • Pramod

      Yes. Apple has indeed closed the signing windows for iOS 4.3.4 & below for the iP4. If all what you care about is to just hacktivate your device, then all you need to do is run Redsn0wRC18 by pointing it to iOS 4.3.3 stock IPSW on your device w/o actually ticking any of the options shown to you. You may install Cydia to JB your device as well by ticking the same if you want to. Don’t use the betas anymore as the public version of the same is not far away. Make sure that you use iFaith http://bit.ly/qIa3E7 to save your current SHSH in case you wanted to restore to iOS 4.3.3 in the future.

  • Jason


    I upgraded my iPhone 3GS(Old Bootrom) BB 16.15.00 from ios 4.3.3 to ios 5 beta 7.
    Ultrasn0w gave some error and would not install.

    Now I have downgraded successfully yo iOS 4.3.3.

    Pl. let me know, does ultrasn0w sim unlock work for iOS 5 beta 7?, if yes, what step, while jailbreaking could I have missed?

    SAM did not work for iOS 5 beta 7 as well. Stockifiliation error.


    • Pramod

      SAM & Ultrasn0w is broken in iOS 5 betas. So no, it cannot unlock your iP3GS even on the iPadBB. Hacktivating is the only way out as of now because even the original SIMs are causing issues of official activation with the iPadBB.

  • Abrar Shah

    YES!!!!! my iphone is ok now. i reflashed my iphone’s BB again which is 06.15.00 using ios 4.1, and not i upgraded to ios 4.3.3, every thing is normal!

    Thank you soo much Pramod!!!!
    Update: now i upgraded to ios 4.3.3, every thing is normal!

  • Abrar Shah

    i have iPhone iPhone 3GS BB 16.15.00 Factory Lock Jailbreaked with redsn0w.

    i m not a new to hacking iDevices.

    i upgraded my iPhone 3GS from ios 4.3.3 to ios 5 beta 7.

    there is no ultrasn0w released for sim unlock for ios5 thats y i downgraded back to ios 4.3.3 but now when i installed ultrasn0w, the phone does not read the sim and a text “SEARCHING” ticks in place on signals. Even i have tried other sims as well, why so? has ios 5 blocked something in my iPhone?

    i even downgraded to 4.1 , 4.3, 4.3.2 and now i m on 4.3.3 but i could not unlock the sim on any of them

    • Pramod

      Did you check the BB version first? You need to reflash your device back with the iPadBB first & only then will you be able to use Ultrasn0w for an unlock. Because you updated your device to iOS 5, your BB has got updated as well & so you now need to bring it back to the iPadBB for the unlock.