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It’s Official: Apple Announces iPhone Event Entitled “Let’s Talk iPhone” on October 4th

There have been many whispers with regards to Apple's annual media event where the Cupertino company is expected to finally unveil the much awaited next iPhone along with other new hardware. We are nearing the end of September, and yet there is no official word from the fruit company. Well that is until now.

Apple iPhone Event 2011
After many weeks of rumors and speculations, it is finally going official folks. Apple will be holding their next special media event entitled "Let's Talk iPhone" on the 4th of October and it will be taking in the company's Campus at Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA. The event will commence at exactly 10 am Pacific Time.

There are a couple of reasons why this particular event is highly significant for Apple. As mentioned above, the "Let's Talk iPhone" will be the podium where the Cupertino giant will be announcing the existence of the new iPhone which is then expected to be released on the 2nd week of October. Aside from that, this particular event will be the debut of Apple's recently appointed CEO Tim Cook with regards to presenting a keynote and announcing an upcoming hardware. As expected, Apple have been keeping a tight lid as to what sort of hardware will be unveiled during the event, except of course that it involves an iPhone based on the name.

If you have been following the news about this particular event for many weeks now, then you will know that the October 4th date was first brought into the media's attention by AllThingsD. And not only that, the renowned tech website has also pinpointed that the upcoming event will be taking place in the Apple Campus in Cupertino. Not much is known as to why Apple has chosen to hold it at such a familiar location but we can only speculate that it has something to do with Tim Cook who's now of course the CEO. Maybe they wanted a much more familiar location for Tim's first ever product introduction?
Apple Media Event
It really is a good thing that Apple has finally made things official as this will finally put an end to all the huge influx of rumors regarding the said iPhone event, well until next year that is. Again, while we do have the official date now, there is no confirmation as to what hardware will be presented during the event. Based on the name of the event "Let's Talk iPhone" we can only assume that a new iPhone will be unveiled. But will it be a completely redesigned next-gen iPhone, the iPhone 5? Or will it be modestly updated iPhone dubbed as the iPhone 4S? Just like the previous rumors, will Apple also release a low-end iPhone? How about the 5th generation iPod touch with 3G connectivity?

Well that's quite a load of questions, but don't fret because by next week all of these will be answered and all the rumors, leaks, speculations will finally be put to rest. Well this is it ladies and gentlemen. It looks like we're in for some exciting revelations next week. So be sure to mark your calendars, October 4th and stay tuned with us and we'll keep posted.

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