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iPhone 5 Case vs. iPhone 4 Comparison, Which One is Thinner? [Pictures]

If you have been following the reports regarding Apple's upcoming smartphone release commonly referred to as the iPhone 5, then you will know that there are already various purported cases of the device that have been found floating in the Internet, which are also widely available in China. The manufacturer of these cases pretty much relies on insider information as to how the iPhone 5 will look in terms of design and form factor. This is so they can take the upper hand over their competitors by the time the highly anticipated design is released.

iPhone 5 Black
Over the past months, the tech world have been treated to various rumors and leaks which somehow in some ways, lets the fans have preview many different aspects of the iPhone 5 including its shape. Now, as we all know, there have been many reports that iPhone 5 will be considerably thinner yet wider than the iPhone 4. Now a report from 9to5Mac surfaced where the purported cases of the iPhone 5 is compared to the iPhone 4. Check out the photos below where the supposedly case for the iPhone 5 is compared with the iPhone 4.

iPhone 5 Case VS iPhone 4 Comparison

Based on the case alone, it seems that the iPhone 5 will indeed be much more thinner than the current iPhone 4. The case could barely cover the iPhone 4's sleep button which on estimate could be thinner by as much as 3mm. Now based on this, the thinness is definitely quite significant considering that the iPhone 4 is already 9.3mm thick. And as you can see on the photo, there are quite a bit of space from the side of the case which suggests that the iPhone 5 will be wider and have significant increase on its screen size over the iPhone 4.

As with all rumors, this does not in any way confirm anything in terms on how the iPhone 5 will actually look. But based on this comparison, it does fall into Apple's mantra of "everything thinner, lighter." A thinner form factor and a larger screen size seems to a viable improvement over the iPhone 4. But of course, the improvement doesn't end there based on various reports. The iPhone 5 is expected to be powered by the new A5 processor chip, an improved 8 megapixel camera and of course it comes pre-loaded with Apple's upcoming mobile operating system, the iOS 5.

There is no doubt that the tech world is already eager to get their hands on Apple's next smartphone release. If reports are to be believed, it should be officially announced by Apple in the next few weeks. So if you are someone who's planning to replace your old iPhone, then you'd better get your money ready. [via 9to5Mac, pics via]

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