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iOS 5 Beta 8 Will Be Seeded This Friday, Gold Master Build Dropping Next Week?

As you all know, the expected release date for Apple's update to its mobile operating system iOS 5 is fast approaching. First revealed by Apple through their keynote presentation back in WWDC, iOS 5 was announced that it will be released to the public this coming fall. By the end of August, Apple seeded the seventh beta version of iOS 5 and we even speculated that it could be the last beta version before the system hits Golden Master status. But if this new report is any indication, such is not the case because another beta is about to be released just around the corner.

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According to a report by BGR, they have come across an information from a "trusted source" that Apple will be seeding the eighth pre-release version of iOS 5 this coming Friday. If you have been keeping up with regards to iOS 5 beta, then you'll know that last week iTunes 10.5 Beta 8 was released for developers. We thought it was strange that the iTunes software doesn't come with the corresponding iOS beta but as it turns out, the latter was simply a little late to the party. As stated, Apple will be seeding iOS 5 beta 8 this coming Friday, September 16th.

In addition, based on the report, the release of iOS 5 beta 8 will be followed by the introduction of the iOS 5 Gold Master build which according to the source will come on or around September 23. Once the Gold Master build is proven to be working well and bug free, that's when it will be distributed to Apple's overseas iPhone assemblers for mass installation. Yesterday we have brought to you a report that the final build of the iOS 5 will be sent to assemblers on September 24 to 30, which falls in nicely with this particular report from BGR.
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Based on previous reports, production of the iPhone 5 has already begun and it is going at a rather brisk pace with 150,000 units produced daily. So it is highly likely that the Gold Master build which will be released on September 23rd will be the one loaded into the assembled iPhone 5s. After that Apple will be requesting its carrier partners to approve the Gold Master build by October 5. So this somehow falls in line with rumors that the iPhone 5 will be released during the first two weeks of October. So what if for some reason the Gold Master build doesn't pass technical acceptance? Well if that scenario does happen, its highly likely that an update will be provided immediately by iOS developers as soon as the device is released.

iOS 5 is the highly anticipated update to Apple's mobile operating system boasting over 200+ new features such as system wide Twitter integration, Notifications Center, iMessage, over-the-air updates and many more. Along with the iOS 5, it is also expected that the iPhone 5 will also hit the market following its release. Be sure to stay tuned with us for more iOS 5 updates.

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