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Google+’s Users Now Increased to 43 Million, Up By 30% Since Coming Out of Beta

There is no denying that the world of social media have been very busy lately. Just last week, reigning champ Facebook held their annual f8 Conference where the company announced a healthy dose of new features including the new Facebook user profile page, Timeline. Last week have been significant for Google's new social network as well because Google+ was made officially available to the public. Following that, the Android and iOS app was updated as well adding several new features including Google+'s very own group video chat interface, Hangouts. So how's Google+ doing now ever since it went public?

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Well it seems that coming out of beta was a good move for Google+ because according to a recent post by's co-founder and unofficial Google+ statistician Paul Allen, the social network's registered users have increased to 43.4 million. About 30% of it was added during the few days since Google+ was made officially available to the public. If anyone can recall, Paul Allen is also the same guy who estimated Google+'s registrants to be 10 million+ only after two weeks of being announced, making it the fastest growing social networking website in existence.

This is quite an impressive number for Google+, a number that will surely going to continue to increase over time. Sure it pales in comparison with Facebook's massive 800 million installed user base but it's still impressive considering it just freshly got out of beta. But then again, it is worth pointing out that this is not the official numbers of current Google+ users but rather an unofficial estimate by a third party. So there's no way of telling what the actual numbers are unless Google makes an announcement about it.
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We have mentioned that Facebook just held their annual f8 Conference last week and announced many features and launched yet another layout change. Many users have found these changes worse for the user experience and have once again amassed negative feedbacks. Could it be that some people are making the switch to Google+ due to the recent changes introduced by Facebook? There seems to no sign that indicates such scenario. Or may it could be that the hype for Google+ isn't over yet which is why we are seeing such a significant number of sign-ups since it went live? Well it could be since Google+ was initially available only through invitations.

Well if these numbers provided by Paul Allen are indeed true, then it is a very good thing for Google+. Now what's left for Google is to prove that its new social network offspring does something different than other leading social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. If not, then having people sign-up but later abandoning their account is not a scenario that the search engine giant would want. But even Mark Zuckerberg can't rest on his laurels because Google is a company that has a wider reach than Facebook. It is considered to be a colossal task to be able to compete with Facebook, but if there's a company that can do it, it has to be Google. [via Mashable]

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