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Google+ Now Available for All, Android App Updated With 100+ New Features

A few months ago, the social media industry just got a lot more interesting when search engine giant Google announced the launch of their new social networking website called Google+. Since it was launched initially as a  beta, access to Google+ was through invitations only. But now it seems that Google finally decided to lift the veil from its new social networking platform. Google+ is now open for all.

Google Plus Logo
Alongside the launch of Google+ beta a few months ago, the Big G also rolled out the official Google+ app for Android and a few weeks later, for the iOS. According to the Google Mobile Blog, they were hard at work trying to improve the Google+ app. And in the long haul, the development team were able to give the Google+ mobile app a plethora of new features and improvements, more than a hundred of them to be exact.

As mentioned, Google+ is now open for everyone, which coincidentally is the 100th new feature of the social networking platform. So in case you missed a bite of the Google+ during its beta stage and want in, just point your browsers to and quickly sign-up for an account, no need for invitations.
Google+ Hangouts for Mobile
Probably one of the most notable new features of the mobile app is the addition of Hangouts - Google+'s own video chat interface. Although this seems to be available only for Android at the moment. In addition to that, several enhancements to the desktop version of Google+ desktop has been made such as integration with Google Docs, Sketchup and the ability to share screens. There is no doubt that Hangouts is one of the strongest feature of Google+ and making it available for mobile devices will certainly help the platform in the long run.
Google+ SMS
Other features that were added are from the numerous requests by users. Now with the improved SMS support, users from the US and India can now post to Google+, receive notifications and be able to respond to group messages through SMS. Other enhancements include the improved +mentions support and the ability to +1 comments. Another notable change to Google+ is that they are renaming the platform's messaging feature from Huddle to Messenger. The development team promised that they will keep on working on improving the Google+ mobile app and continue to listen to user feedbacks for a better mobile experience.

Google+ is considered to be one of the fastest growing social networking website in history, reaching over 10 million registered users in just a couple of weeks. But over the months, the platform saw a decline in user activity and the number of public posts were significantly reduced. While it is indeed a good thing that Google continues to improve its new social network, it would be rendered useless if not many people are using it. But Google+ just got fresh out of beta so it could be that it is still on its way to find a sweet spot in the social media industry. We will just have to wait and see how Google+ fares now that it is out officially.

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