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Firefox 7 for Windows, Mac and Linux Now Available for Download [Direct Links]

When in a discussion about leading web browsers for the past decade, it would be impossible not to mention Mozilla's Firefox web browser. Certainly, it is hard to deny that Firefox is currently one of the most popular browser. If anyone can recall, it was Firefox who was responsible for stealing the thunder away from Microsoft's de-facto industry standard browser, Internet Explorer. But its popularity waned when one of its serious competitor, Google Chrome came into the picture. In order to compete toe-to-toe with Chrome, Mozilla has now adopted a faster release cycle for their web browser. And now Firefox developers have rolled out yet another numbered version of Firefox, dubbed as Firefox 7.

A little more than a month ago, Firefox 6 was officially released to the public. Heck, it was only earlier this year that users were treated to Firefox 4. And now we are looking at the seventh major version of Firefox. It seems that the development team is really serious about adopting a much faster release cycle. Could we be looking at Firefox 10 by the time 2011 ends? With just how fast Mozilla have been rolling out updates lately, it is not too far-fetched for that to happen.
Mozilla Firefox 7
Anyway, so what can we expect from the latest version of Firefox? Well, while Firefox did a lot of things right in the past in terms of web browsing, one of its main and persisting drawbacks is being such a resource hog. It is probably the most common complaint among Firefox users. Well if you are one such user, then you'll be happy to know that this specific issue have been addressed in Firefox 7. The Mozilla team have been working on the project called MemShrink and now it has been applied for Firefox 7. With this, the browser is now able to manage memory much more efficiently in order to deliver a faster web browsing experience. Power users who loves to open multiple browsers in each session will certainly appreciate the significantly decreased memory use of Firefox.
About Mozilla Firefox 7
Developers are also given new tools in order to make it easier for them to build a snappy website experience. With Firefox 7, developers are now given access to a new version hardware-accelerated Canvas that aids in speeding up HTML5 applications as well as games. Aside from that, Firefox now supports W3C navigation timing spec API that enables developers to measure page load time and navigation against several factors such as traffic and bandwidth speed. If you want to provide feedback in order to improve future versions of Firefox anonymously, you can use the browser's built-in Telemetry tool.

Needless to say, Firefox users are encouraged to update to Firefox 7. It may not have any significant change in terms of user interface, with the whole slew of performance enhancements alone, it should be reason enough for you to upgrade. Some of your installed extensions might not work with the latest version, so keep that in mind before you upgrade. Download links are provided below.

Mozilla Firefox 7 Download Links:

Download Mozilla Firefox 7 for Windows
Download Mozilla Firefox 7 for Mac
Download Mozilla Firefox 7 for Linux

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