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Facebook to Announce New Features at F8 Event – Redesigned User Profile, New Buttons & More

It is hard to deny the popularity and impact of Facebook when it comes to social media. With more than 750 million monthly active users almost three months ago, it's definitely the reigning champ amongst other social networking websites. The social networking behemoth holds an annual event called the Facebook f8 Conference which takes place in San Francisco, California. The purpose of the event is to bring together developers and entrepreneurs who are involved with social media. But the f8 conference is best known as the podium where Facebook introduces new features and other announcements to the public.

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During last year's f8 event, along with other features, Facebook announced the now uber ubiquitous "Like" button. So what can we expect for this year's f8 event? Well there are various reports across the web that in this year f8 conference, scheduled September 22, Facebook will be announcing some heavyweight features and will launching something big. So what are some of the things that we can expect for this year's f8 conference?

According to a report of Mashable, one of the major announcements that Facebook will make is they will be rolling out a major redesign of user profiles. Not much is known with regards to this rumored redesign but sources who are familiar with Facebook's plans claim that the redesign will be a major one and will make user profiles more significant when it comes to content. According to Mashable, the new redesigned profile will be more "sticky" which indicates that it will make users stay on profile pages much longer. In addition to that, the redesigned profile is also rumored to be an effort to push social ecommerce and that it will give Facebook Credits more prominence.
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And it seems that Facebook really does like its buttons because according to a report by TechCrunch, Facebook will also introduce not one, not two but four new buttons. These new buttons are said to be “Read”, “Listened” and “Watched”, which definitely makes sense because the motto of this year's f8 conference will be “Read. Watch. Listen.” Following the introductions of these new buttons, another button called "Want" will be introduced as well and it has something more to do with the aforementioned social ecommerce that Facebook has been pushing.

Again, details are rather scarce as to what these buttons can do and it is also unclear how will it work in conjunction with the existing "Like" button. There are also several whispers that Project Spartan may be announced in f8 as well, but according to TechCrunch, the project is ready but it just doesn't need to be announced yet.

It is quite apparent that Facebook has got quite a lot of tricks up its sleeve and it seems that this upcoming f8 conference is going to be huge with regards to the social media industry. If these reports turns out to be true, are the proposed changes for the better? The new buttons seems to be quite excessive and intimidating and will most likely only complicate the experience on the platform. Well, we'll just have to see this Thursday.

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