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Facebook Introduces New Overhauled Profile Page Called Timeline, Sign-up for Beta Now! [VIDEO]

A few days ago, we have reported that Facebook will be announcing new features during the company's f8 Conference. According to our report, Facebook will be launching a new redesigned profile page that will make users stay on it for a much longer period of time. And what do you know? Facebook indeed announced several new features during a keynote at the f8 conference that once again aims to change the user experience. These features includes better handling of feed updates, new social apps and yep, a completely redesigned user profile.

Facebook f8 Conference
One of the highlights of the keynote is definitely the introduction of the completely overhauled Facebook profile page called Timeline. The revamped profile page was presented by no other than Facebook CEO himself, Mark Zuckerberg and describes it as a “new kind of profile”. Zuckerberg noted during his keynote that the original Facebook profile was like five minutes of the user's life. The 2008 profile update on the other hand was like the last 15 minutes of the user's life. Timeline, according to the words of Zuckerberg, "is the story of your life."
Facebook Timeline
Zuckerberg says that the user's profile page is the "heart of the Facebook experience" which is why the company thought of revamping the old profile page and they have been working on it all year. And the result is Timeline, a new Facebook feature that lets you tell the story of your life through your profile page. One look at Timeline and you will notice that it is perhaps the most visual thing that Facebook has ever done in terms of user interface. Below are some screenshots of Facebook's Timeline.
Facebook Timeline Screenshot 1
Facebook Timeline Screenshot 2
Timeline has three main parts: All your stories, all your apps and a new way to express who you are. And being true to its namesake, Timeline goes back to when you are born. According to Zuckerberg, displaying such amount of content on a single page proved to be quite a challenge. In Timeline, your most recent content will be displayed in a new grid-view. But as you backtrack in your timeline, only the most important content will be displayed as a summary. The more you backtrack in the timeline, the less contents will be displayed which are composed of key moments only. “This is the magic of how Timeline works”, Zuckerberg stated. Here's a video to help you understand the concept of Timeline better:

Timeline is currently in closed beta but it will eventually made available for the public in a couple of weeks. If you are curious about this new feature and want to try it out, simply point your browsers to: and click on "Sign Me Up" at the bottom and hope that you'll be able to get in.

As you can see, Timeline is definitely a big departure from the profile page that Facebook users are familiar with. Looking at the screenshots and video of this particular, it has the potential to yield some very compelling content. But there are issues that may be raised such as privacy concerns. And as you can see, this sacrifices the overall simplicity of Facebook which for most users is the main selling point of the platform. Based on previous updates, each layout change in Facebook was met with overwhelming negative response. Most users are asking, "why fix something that isn't broke?"

The truth is, many will fancy the new profile page, many won't. But Facebook as we know it, will continue to evolve in order to accommodate its ever growing amount of content, users and features. These sort of changes in Facebook are inevitable. We'll just have to see in the future if Timeline becomes a hit or a miss.

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