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Download Facebook 3.5 App for iPhone & iPod Touch, Added Features, Bug Fixes & Improvements

Unless you have been living in a rock for the past few years, chances are you know about Facebook and how it has changed the landscape of social media in general. It is safe to say that Facebook continues to grow by the day and it is as popular as ever. Last time we checked back in June, monthly active users have ballooned to an impressive 750 million. Unfortunately the same can't be said with the official Facebook app for the iPhone and iPod touch. While it is certainly one of the most downloaded app from the App Store, its popularity have declined over the years due to several bugs, crashes and design changes that many users don't appreciate.

Facebook Logo
But now in an effort to improve the official Facebook app, developers of the social media application has made a rather substantial update that many avid users will certainly welcome. Facebook version 3.5 for the iPhone and iPod touch is now live.
Facebook v3.5 for iOS
One of the most notable omission with past versions of the Facebook app is the ability to tag and friends and locations in posts. A rather important feature when it comes to Facebook. But with version 3.5, we're pleased to know that you can finally tag friends and places in posts. A long overdue feature but at least they were able to push it right out of the door finally. Tagging friends and places can be done when you are about to post an update your status. As you can see from the screenshot below, they are neatly lined-up just above the virtual keyboard. Another new feature is the new improved sharing tool which lets you choose if you want your post to be seen publicly or just among a list of friends.
Facebook v3.5 Update Status
Another notable change with this Facebook app version is also with the new post screen. As you can see above, the Update Status screen had some design makeover which in our opinion looks rather nice, clean and looks uniform with the rest of the app. The Profile page and Group Walls also benefited from the cosmetic design as it now sports a much cleaner look and with less clutter.

Another change includes the ability to share external links from a web view. And based on the change log, it seems that the development team also improved the speed of notifications. And as usual several bugs were squashed mainly foundĀ in Chat, Notifications and Photos. The change log also states that Facebook 3.5 should be better in terms of performance and stability which is always a good thing.
Facebook v3.5 Update
As you can see, this is a pretty healthy update of the official Facebook app and we highly suggest that iOS users update to the latest version as soon as they can. With a good deal of new features and several improvements and bug fixes, Facebook version 3.5 should help the app get back some of its lost popularity. On the downside, it seems that the iPad version of the app is still nowhere in sight.

Download Official Facebook App for iPhone and iPod touch from iTunes App Store.

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