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Dolphin Browser HD Now Available for iPad, Download it Now for Free!

When it comes to web-browsing in the iOS, it is safe to say that the stock browser of the system, Mobile Safari is already good enough for most users. While Safari does offer a relatively smooth and bug free web browsing experience in the iOS, one of its main drawbacks is that it lacks many features that are found typically in other web browsers. So for this very reason, it can't be helped if there are users who will feel the need to look for an alternative browser for their iPhone, iPad or iPad touch.

Just last month, we have brought to you a report that Android favorite web browser, Dolphin has found its way into the iOS. We even went as far as saying that it is better than Safari and it is one of the best web browser for Apple's mobile operating system citing the ridiculous amount of features the app has and the slick and easy to navigate user interface. And of course the fact that the app is being offered for free doesn't hurt either. The only problem is that iPad owners are left out of the fun as the app is only for the iPhone and iPod touch. But now we're pleased to tell you that the Dolphin Browser iOS app is finally available for the iPad.
Dolphin Browser HD for iPad_0
As far as features and aesthetics go, the iPad release of Dolphin is pretty much identical to the iPhone / iPod touch version. Although like most iPad optimized versions of iOS apps go, this release is labeled as Dolphin Browser HD. Now looking at Dolphin's features as a web browser, one could say that the iPad is a device that is much better equipped to take advantage of this apps many different features.
Dolphin Browser HD for iPad
One prominent feature of Dolphin which is also typically found in desktop web browsers is tabbed browsing. Now with the iPad's larger display, tabbed browsing becomes a lot more convenient and a joy to use. If anyone can recall, Apple has also announced that in iOS 5 there will be tabbed browsing for the iPad version of Mobile Safari. But now it seems that Mobotap has beaten Apple to the punch with regards to tab browsing.

Another noteworthy feature of Dolphin is definitely the ability to open your favorite websites just by performing a bunch of touch-based gestures. For example, you can draw a letter "G" and the app will launch Gmail or Google+, or you can draw a "J" and it will quickly load Jaxov's home page. This particular feature works beautifully and is one of the best implementation when it comes to mobile web browsers. This particular feature of Dolphin yet again greatly benefits from the iPad's larger screen display.
Dolphin Browser HD for iPad Screenshot
As far as web browsing in the iOS go, Dolphin Browser is about as good as it gets. And the same can be said with the iPad optimized version. Even if you are a long-time Safari fan, we highly recommend that you check out Dolphin and like us, you might also be inclined to change your default browser as well. As Dolphin Browser is for free so giving it a try definitely won't hurt.

Download Dolphin Browser HD for iPad from the iTunes App Store for FREE.

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