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CollageIt: Easily Create Cool Photo Collages Using This Program, FREE 20 PRO License Codes Giveaway

Here in Jaxov, there are times when we come across some really neat software or program that we feel the need to share them with our dear readers. If you are someone who enjoys making photo collages and sharing them through various social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, then you will really love this neat piece of software.

CollageIt Pro
The software that we are talking about is called CollageIt by PearlMountain Software, a lightweight, very easy-to-use and automatic photo collage maker for Mac OS X and Windows. What we like about CollageIt is that it is very easy to use. Literally, it will take you only three steps to create your very own stunning photo collage.

And while it is indeed very easy to use, it doesn't mean that the results suffer in terms of quality. We've tested the software thoroughly and in no time we were creating professional looking photo collages like its nobody's business. While most aspects of the collage are automated, there are some elements as well that are customizable like the Page Setup, Background and various parameters of the collage layout. Here are two samples that we have managed to create while using the software which took like 2 minutes each (click on the image to view full resolution):
CollageIt Photo Collage Thumb 1
CollageIt Photo Collage Preview 2

Collage It Features:

  • Click “Generate Preview” button, CollageIt will create photo collage automatically according to the added photos and parameters without any manual adjustment.
  • Easy enough for users of all experience levels to use. Pretty collage will be made by just few mouse clicks.
  • Just 3 steps to make a collage: add photos-> set parameters and generate preview->save collage as image file.
  • Support creating collage with few photos to 100 photos. The "Auto rotation mode" and "Sparse mode" make the collage more varied.
  • Variable Parameters such as Number of photo, photo space, photo frame, shadow, page margin, auto rotation mode, sparse mode, page size and background setup.
  • Save the collage in common image formats such as bmp, jpeg, png, tga, tif etc to share with your friends and family.

CollageIt is a lightweight program. The interface is intuitive and snappy, the real time preview is instantaneous and unlike other photo related software, it's not resource intensive. If you are someone who loves making photo collages or someone who's looking for a good photo collage software to be used for other purposes such as presentations, then we highly recommend CollageIt.

You can download and use CollageIt for free but today we will be having a license code giveaway for CollageIt Pro. CollageIt Pro costs $19.90 but Jaxov readers can have it for free because we will be giving away 20 license codes.

To win a license code, you simply need to do one of the following (Feel free to do both =) ):

  1. On Twitter, follow us @Jaxov and tweet this giveaway post and then simply paste the URL (right-click on the timestamp of your tweet and Copy Link Location) of your tweet at the comment section below.
  2. On Facebook, first Like our Facebook Page (if you haven't done so already). Second, Like this post by simply clicking the Like button above or below this post. Third, Share this post on Facebook and paste the permalink (right-click on the timestamp of your post and select Copy Link Location) of the post at the comments section below.

Be sure that you use a valid email address when placing a comment so we can send you the license codes. Again, we will be giving away 20 CollageIt Pro license codes (worth $19.90) over the next few days so we suggest you get started now because this offer is limited. Meanwhile you can try out the free version of CollageIt through the link below.

Download CollageIt for Mac OS X and Windows.

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