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BeyondSMS: Add a Healthy Dose of Features to Your iPhone’s Default SMS App [Jailbreak Tweak]

Here in Jaxov, we always enjoy bringing to your attention all jailbreak tweaks that we think are worth your time. Now for today's jailbreak post, it is a tweak for the stock iOS Messages app. If you have been using BiteSMS or the recently released SMS Plus, chances are you won't be blown away by this particular jailbreak tweak. But this tweak does have its own merit and jailbreak junkies who would like to expand the functionalities of the stock Messages app should definitely give this new release from Cydia a look.

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The name of the jailbreak tweak we're describing above is BeyondSMS. As the name implies, it is yet another attempt to take SMS messaging on the iPhone an extra mile. The developer of the tweak is Tyler Calderone. This jailbreak tweak may not be as feature packed as BiteSMS or SMS Plus but it does have its own unique set of functionalities that most user would certainly find useful. BeyondSMS integrates with the stock iOS Messages app so you do not have to run a separate application. And no, it is not compatible with third party messaging app such as BiteSMS.
BeyondSMS Jailbreak Tweak
Upon testing BeyondSMS, one will probably notice that it is a tweak which seems to be more catered to secure the messages on your iPhone. One of the many features of BeyondSMS is the ability to completely hide and lock your messages. So if there are conversations that you consider to be confidential or sensitive, then you can simply hide them completely away from any "inquisitive" eyes. Unhiding these messages would require you to type a pass code to ensure that your conversations are well protected. Alternatively with BeyondSMS, you can lock the SMS app entirely in order to completely keep out any unauthorized person to access your SMS messages.

Another notable feature of this tweak is the ability to activate the iPhone's camera while texting. This effectively gives you a sort of live wallpaper background while texting. Presumably this feature is included so that users will be able to see what's ahead of them while texting and walking at the same. This could potentially prevent mishaps or accidents while texting on the go which are more common than you might think. Or it could be for people who are bored with the default plain blue background of Apple's stock SMS app.
BeyondSMS Settings
Other features includes the ability to adjust the opacity of the message bubbles and support for text to Emoji translation. Although the latter only works on the party who has installed BeyondSMS. If you are already using BiteSMS or SMS Plus, then there's very little incentive for you to install this jailbreak tweak. But just in case you are still using the boring stock SMS app, then BeyondSMS is an easy recommendation for its healthy dose of features.

Since BeyondSMS is a Cydia tweak, you need a jailbroken iPhone before you can use it. In case you haven't jailbroken your iDevice yet, we have a couple of tutorials to help you out. If you are running the latest firmware iOS 4.3.5, then just follow the instructions detailed on our Redsn0w tethered jailbreak guide. If you prefer to have untethered jailbreak instead, then we suggest you restore your firmware to iOS 4.3.3 and jailbreak your iDevice by using one of the following programs: Redsn0w, Sn0wbreeze, PwnageTool and JailbreakMe (Recommended for jailbreak newbies).

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