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Apple’s Next Special Event Pegged for October 4th, Tim Cook to Present iPhone 5

If you have been closely following any Apple related news lately then you should be likely aware that the Cupertino company is expected to announce the existence of the iPhone 5 soon. Many are believing that the announcement for the next iPhone is going to take place during Apple's annual media event. But we are already several more days short until September ends and there's no sign of the said event which makes it also apparent that the iPhone 5 will not be making it this month. Now another report surfaces which finally gives us the date of the said media event, October 4th.

Apple Media Event
The report came from AllThingsD, which according to them is that they have sources familiar with the situation claiming that the media event will be taking place on the 4th of October which is a Tuesday. While this does not guarantee anything and certainly, Apple could change their plans anytime, the sources said that the big media event is where the fruit company will be able to finally showcase the much awaited iPhone 5. The sources added that upon the announcement of the next iPhone, it will be made available for public after a few weeks which is in-line with past rumors that the iPhone 5 will hit retail on mid-October.

Another noteworthy tidbit from the report aside from the date is the person who will be taking the helm of the event's keynote. Well it is no other than the recently appointed Apple CEO Tim Cook who will take charge of showcasing the new iPhone to the eager public. This is Cook's first ever product introduction and as well as his first chance to make a lasting impression to the public. Although Cook wasn't able to present an Apple product before, as the new CEO, he is expected to be the main presenter during the upcoming media event and all other events thereafter. Passing the keynote to another key presenter such as Phil Schiller will only undercut Cook's new role as CEO and will reinforce a somewhat negative public perception.
Apple CEO Tim Cook
While Tim Cook will certainly take the center stage at the media event, it is expected of course that other Apple executives such as iOS chief Scott Forstall and marketing head Phil Schiller got his back. It would be interesting to see though if ex-Apple CEO Steve Jobs will be making a cameo as well. There is no doubt that the charismatic Jobs will somehow underscore the presence of Cook just by making an appearance. But it would be nice to see if Steve Jobs would somehow make a cameo and have him pass the baton to Tim Cook on stage. It would be a gesture that Apple fans will surely love.

Again, October 4 is merely a speculated date but at least we did finally get one after quite some time. Along with the iPhone 5, it is possible that Apple will be announcing a lower-end iPhone and a new iPod touch as well. Stay tune with us for more news regarding Apple's big media event.

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