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Amazon Announces New $199 Tablet Kindle Fire, $99 Kindle Touch and New $79 Kindle

Today, Amazon just revealed a whole slew of devices during its event in New York, most specifically to the tablet market. And probably the most noteworthy announcement during the Amazon event is the Kindle Fire, the company's very first contender for the tablet market. And not only that, Amazon also unveiled two more traditional Kindles which includes new touchscreen models and a low-end Kindle at $79. Today we will be highlighting each tablet device, so you'll what to expect.

Amazon Event 2011

Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire
Again, this is Amazon's first real competitor to the tablet market which will compete with the iPads, Playbooks and the Galaxy Tabs. One thing you'll probably notice first is the vibrant 7" colored multi-touch (two-point) screen rather going for the e-ink display found in previous Kindle tablets. Up to 1024 x 600 pixel resolution at 169 ppi are supported. Under the hood, no CPU specifications were given but according to reports it is powered by TI OMAP CPU. The Fire doesn't feature any physical buttons on its black slate and it looks like a BlackBerry Playbook. The Kindle Fire doesn't feature a camera, microphone or even 3G connectivity although it can connect to a WiFi connection.
Amazon Kindle Fire 1
If you haven't guessed it already, the Kindle Fire is so much more than just the traditional Kindle e-readers. The Fire actually acts like portal for Amazon rather than just being an e-book reader. With Fire, you will be able to access several of Amazon's store such as the Android Appstore, Kindle Store, Amazon MP3 and Prime Instant Video. The Fire can also access Amazon's various cloud service like Amazon Cloud Player, Amazon Cloud Drive, Kindle Cloud Reader and so on. Cloud storage is also free if you purchase Fire.

Another amazing thing about the Kindle Fire is the price point. Amazon is going for a rather aggressive pricing at $199. Considering its specifications and its features, the Fire could be a real threat to Apple or any other tablet in the market for that matter. The new Kindle Fire will be available on November 15, 2011. But you can start pre-ordering now on Kindle Fire's official Amazon page.

Kindle Touch

Amazon Kindle Touch
As the name implies, the Kindle Touch is more along the line with the old e-ink Kindle, only of course it features a touchscreen interface instead of having a hardware keyboard. The Kindle Touch features an IR touch system and since it features no keyboard, the device is actually smaller and lighter that previous models.

The Kindle Touch actually comes in two models: the normal model that costs $99 (with advertisements, you have to shell out $40 to remove it) and the 3G model that costs $149, which interestingly offers free lifetime unlimited data available in 100 countries. Both can connect to a WiFi connection.
Kindle Touch
Both Kindle Touch models will ship on November 21 but you preorder it now on Amazon (Kindle Touch, Kindle Touch 3G).


New Kindle
For hardcore Kindle fans, don't worry because Amazon has made the standard Kindle even better. For starters, the new Kindle is now 30% lighter that its previous counterpart. It has no touchscreen interface unlike the Kindles above, but the old keyboard has been replaced with a few physical buttons. The new Kindle can connect to a WiFi hotspot and due to its reduced size, it is now small enough to fit in a back pocket.

The new Kindle is now available for purchase in Amazon for $79.

Amazon has definitely released some exciting announcements here not only for long time Kindle fans. The most noteworthy announcement probably is the Kindle Fire with its $199 price point is a perfect alternative for those who are looking for a tablet device. If you are looking for a new tablet in the market today, we suggest you take a look at Amazon's latest offering today. [via TC 1, 2]

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