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This iPhone 5 Concept with Laser Keyboard and Holographic Display Will Blow Your Mind [Video]

It is hard to deny the excitement that's caused by the upcoming release of Apple's next major smartphone release. Apple fans and tech heads everywhere can't wait to get their hands on the shiny new iPhone this coming fall. Although the release of the iPhone 5 is now just beyond the horizon and most definitely finalized in terms of design, we stumble across another concept design that would likely blow your mind.

iPhone 5 Concept Design
Unfortunately, the concept design that you are about to see falls into the category of "not going to happen" or at least not in this lifetime. But who knows? With the way technology rapidly grows, who's to say that we won't be having such technology on our hands in a couple of years?

The video that you're about to see depicts a concept design for the iPhone 5. Upon seeing the video, you'll see that the iPhone that is being shown sports an extremely thin form factor which actually looks good. Although the thing looks so fragile that it would probably break in half in someone's pocket. But that is not the highlight of this iPhone 5 concept.

The phone is then placed flat on the desk and then the demonstrator performed a multi-touch gesture which caused the device to emit a glow that projected a great looking virtual, laser keyboard. Of course, this keyboard technology have been around for a long time now but you'll have to purchase it as an accessory. But to have it built-in into the iPhone and can be activated at any time through touch gestures is admittedly a stroke a genius.

Aside from providing text input functionality, the keyboard can also be moved and rotated using common touch gestures that are currently present in the iOS. At the right hand side of the keyboard is a slider setting that adjusts the brightness / opacity of the virtual keyboard. A simple gesture and the keyboard returns to the device, disabling it. Here's a video of the concept design that's provided by the creator Aatma Studio:

The final part of the video demonstrates the iPhone showing a video in holographic display. While playing the video, the demonstrator performed a touch gesture which proceeds to stream the video in holographic display. This is where this iPhone 5 concept design went all sci-fi on us and into the realm of "not going to happen". While the technology is indeed already present, it's not is mature enough to be implemented into any sort of electronic device, let alone a smartphone.

While it is not applicable yet, this concept design however does enable us to have a peek into future possibilities for the iPhone. iPhone 5? I don't think so. Maybe by the time we'll be getting the iPhone 20? or 30? But as stated before, technology grows rapidly and we have been utilizing breakthroughs in technology that we never thought to be possible before.

Whether it will be implemented in the future iterations of iPhone or not, it is hard to deny the fact that his concept is creative and packs some rather great ideas.

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    patrick9 years, 11 months ago

    iPhone 6 will look like this