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Official Steve Jobs Biography Will Be Available in Bookstores on November 21

If you are someone who have been closely following the tech industry, then there is no way that you haven't heard of Steve Jobs. The man is simply the CEO of one of the most valuable company in the world which is responsible for these curious little things called the iPhone and iPod. Steve Jobs is practically an icon but as far as industry CEO goes, he's really more of a private person. If you are a Jobs fan or somehow you are interested in the life story of the man who saved Apple Inc., then good news because the Official Steve Jobs biography will hit your favorite bookstores this coming November.

Steve Jobs Biography Cover
This news is according to well-known publisher Barnes & Nobles. As you can see from the cover above (yes that's the official book cover), the book will simply be titled Steve Jobs: A Biography with an equally simple but elegant photo of the man himself. The book was supposed to be slated for release in March 2012 but now it seems that it has been moved up to November 21 this year. Definitely a great news for those who wants to take a good peek at the life of a great innovator.

There have been numerous books that tells the story of Jobs, there is even an upcoming comic book to be released in the future. But what makes this one special? Well for one, this biography is actually authorized by Steve Jobs himself. The 448 page biography will detail not only the man's professional life but also his personal one as well. Yes, this should be your chance to take a glimpse of the man's personal life, who's usually very secretive when it comes to his personal affairs. The content of the book will be based off the author's exclusive interview of Jobs and his family members within the span of three years.
Steve Jobs Macintosh
The author of Steve Jobs: A Biography is Walter Isaacson, the CEO of Aspen Institute and has also been the managing editor of Time Magazine as well as the chairman of CNN. Isaacson is a critically acclaimed biographer who's responsible for authoring various biographies of prominent personalities with books like Benjamin Franklin: An American Life and Einstein: His Life and Universe. So it is safe to say that the biography of Jobs is in good hands.

Considering the current success that Apple is experiencing, we all know Steve Jobs to be a very wealthy and successful man. But that's not to say that his road to success isn't paved with hardships and difficulties. Would you believe that this is the same man who was fired by Apple because they believed that it will save the company? But as he became the CEO of Apple in 1997, Jobs managed to turn the business around with the success of multimedia and communication devices such as the iPod and iPhone.

Steve Jobs: A Biography will be available from Barnes & Noble for $20.40 for the hardcover version,  and $14.99 for the eBook form. You can also pre-order the book in Amazon.

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