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Mozilla Firefox 6 Now Available for Windows, Mac and Linux, Download Now! [Direct Links]

If you have been an avid Mozilla Firefox user, then you should know that they have adapted the same release cycle as Google Chrome. In the past, with each new version of Firefox, one can expect major changes such as revamped user interface, loads of new features and better performance. But since Mozilla decided to adapt a faster release cycle, each version of Firefox would feature minor improvements with just a few new features. And now, a new version of Firefox is available, Firefox 6. This version of Firefox can't be obtained through the browser's automatic update but it should be officially available in a couple of days.

Firefox 6 Now Available
As with the recent versions of Firefox, this new release does not include major changes such as a new user interface or features. At least nothing noticeable for casual users of the browser. According to Mozilla, Firefox should be faster by 20% and should have a significantly reduced memory consumption, which should be reasons enough for most people to upgrade despite the lack of major changes or features.
Firefox 6 Jaxov
Although there are not much new goodies for the regular users, it appears that there are a few new features catered towards developers. One of the most notable addition to Firefox 6 is Scratchpad, a tool built-in within the browser which enables developers to execute Javascript codes in real time. Another new addition to the Web Developer option is the Get More Tools selection which is basically a link to Mozilla's Web Developer's Toolbox where developers can download tools such as Greasemonkey, Firebug, Stylish and so on.
Mozilla Firefox 6 Scratchpad
Keep in mind that once you have updated, you will directed to welcome page where it says you have successfully installed Firefox Beta 6. Just don't pay attention to it because this is due to the fact that Mozilla hasn't updated the page yet. Unless major bugs or issues are found, this is pretty much the final build of Firefox 6 so it should be safe to upgrade now. Also keep in mind that when you update, some of your addons and extensions may not be compatible with Firefox 6, so download at your own discretion.
About Mozilla Firefox 6
Mozilla's Firefox became the must-have browser back in 2004 and it has successfully stole a significant user base from Microsoft's Internet Explorer. This is due to several innovative features such as tabbed browsing, its open source nature and wide array of addons and extensions that users can install. But then in 2008, along came Google Chrome with its minimalistic but smarter user interface, Webkit engine and a faster release cycle. Chrome gave Firefox a strong competition so the latter was forced to adapt a faster update cycle as well in order to keep its competitive edge. Mozilla adapted the new release strategy with Firefox 4 which was released earlier this year.

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