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Leaked Photos of iPhone 4S Casing Shows Antenna and Home Button Changes [Pictures]

As you all know, former Apple CEO Steve Jobs just handed out his formal resignation yesterday. While the news came to be quite a shock, for the rest of us, the show must go on. With that said, if you have been keeping tabs with regards to the latest Apple hardware, then you should be aware that the Cupertino outfit is allegedly planning to release a low-end version of the iPhone 4. A few days ago we've brought to you a news that Apple will be introducing an 8GB iPhone 4, which is supposedly the rumored low-end iPhone. Now another report popped up which suggest that the cheaper iPhone 4 (iPhone 4S) will have a few different components and design changes to the frame.

Low End iPhone 4
According to a report by MacRumors aside from the lesser storage space, the new lower-end iPhone 4 will be utilizing different components in an effort to lower the cost of manufacturing. And with these new components, it seems that Apple has taken this opportunity in order to alter the design of the antenna as well. MacRumors have received a couple of part images of the alleged low-end iPhone 4 and it does show that there are notable differences in the frame.
iPhone 4S Frame
As you can see from the leaked images above, these are the metal frames that serves to support the components of the iPhone. In addition, they also work as the antenna system. One of the most prominent issue that plagued the iPhone 4 is the so called "antennagate" where the user unknowingly covers the phone's antenna breaks resulting in calls being dropped. Now looking at the frame pictured above, it seems that the antenna breaks are now located at the bottom of the frame. If this is indeed the frame of the lower-end iPhone 4, then the chances that the user may cover the breaks are severely minimized. Unless you hold your iPhone in a peculiar manner.
iPhone 4 Home Button Frame
Another notable difference change in the frame is the lack of a dedicated "Home" button area (pictured above). In the iPhone 4, you should be able to make out that there is a specific cut-out area that serves to accommodate the iPhone's Home button. Now could this be in-line with the previous reports that Apple is planning to make significant changes to Home Button area with the iPhone 5? And that it will be possible to perform touch gestures through the iPhone's Home Button? Or perhaps the company will be removing the Home Button completely, making the device entirely touch based?

As usual, all we can do is speculate until we get to see the official announcement from Apple. If these images turns out to be authentic, then it's nice to know that the fruit company is making improvements to the antenna. We're quite not sure where the lack of dedicated Home Button comes into play, but it is nevertheless an interesting change. But of course, we can't just discount the fact that all of these may be nothing more than an elaborate hoax.

The lower-end iPhone 4 is expected to be launched alongside the iPhone 5. Both are expected to be announced next month through Apple's media event and will most likely hit the stores in mid-October. [via MacRumors]

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