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Is This the Final Design of the iPhone 5? [Pictures]

If you are one of the millions who are eagerly anticipating Apple's next major smartphone release, then you should be aware that the iPhone 5 is expected to launch this coming fall, most probably late September. As the expected release date is fast approaches, more rumors, predictions and leaks have been found floating in the Internet. Well today, we have for you some interesting concept design of the iPhone 5. So will the next smartphone hit look like this?

iPhone 5 Concept
The folks over at MacRumors have gotten their hands on some high-quality 3D renders of what is said to be the most likely design of the next generation iPhone. The designs and dimensions are based around the leaked silicone cases that are allegedly tailored for the iPhone 5, which are found all across the globe and is now largely available in China. These 3D high quality renders are made by CiccareseDesign. Check them out below.
iPhone 5 Concept 2
This iPhone 5 concept design takes into consideration many of the rumored designs of the smartphone in the past. As you can see in the images, one of the most prominent aspect of the design is its curved back. Take note, that the "curved back" rumor has been going around for quite some time now, so it could be possible that we will be seeing this particular design feature in the final product. There have been many reports that the next iPhone won't be having a design overhaul and will look much like the iPhone 4 with minor hardware upgrades. This particular concept design points us to the other direction where the iPhone 5 will have a radical new design.
iPhone 5 Concept 3
Another notable feature of this concept design is how it deviates from the iconic Home button of the iPhone. As you can see, instead of its familiar circular shape, the Home button is now oval in shape. This particular design choice is modeled after the leaked case design which has an oval-shaped hole in front. The choice of elongating the Home button is said to be for the purpose touch gesturing. With its elongated oval shape, users will be able to swipe across the Home button to either left or right direction. There have been rumors that Apple will allow such gestures in order to implement a faster and easier method of switching between apps.
iPhone 5 Concept 4
And also based on the design, it seems that the screen size have been enlarged as well which is also derived from the leaked silicone cases. Remember that Apple will be introducing more touch-gesturing in the iOS 5 including the ability to swipe down from the top of the screen in order to bring down the notifications system. So these new gestures would certainly benefit from the extra screen space. This is in-line with past rumors that Apple may be augmenting the next iPhone's screen size.

And just like the rumors, the back of the device based on the design will be aluminum. There have been reports that Apple might be abandoning the glass backing of the iPhone 4 and will go back to aluminum backing instead.

If the leaked silicone designs are indeed accurate, then we might be looking at the final design of the iPhone 5. We'll just have to wait and see until Apple makes the official announcement which should be no later than September.

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