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Watch as Some Guy Unboxes the iPhone 5 Before Your Eyes [Video]

To say that the forthcoming iPhone 5 is currently a "popular" topic among the tech industry would be the understatement of the year. For the past few months now we've been getting a plethora of rumors, speculations, analyst predictions, concept designs, alleged leaked photos and videos and so on. And just when we thought we've seen it all, the latest effort to board the iPhone 5 hype train comes in the form of professional unboxing of allegedly Apple's next smartphone.

According to the guy speaking on the video, this is the iPhone 5 and it came from a source that "will not be named", presumably from a Cupertino employee. Well here's the alleged unboxing video of the iPhone 5:

Well, let's first get this out of the way. This video of the iPhone 5 unboxing is obviously fake and I must say the effort was rather terrible. Even mild Apple fans can tell if the product is a fake or not.
iPhone 5 Box
The device on the video looks like a step back from the iPhone 4, not exactly what we've been expecting with the iPhone 5 and certainly doesn't jive with Apple's mantra of everything thinner, lighter and slicker. It also has a plastic back which the Cupertino company doesn't bother with anymore. Would have been at least feasible if it has either a glass or aluminum backing. At closer look, the device in the video looks more like the iPhone 3GS or maybe a modified one.
iPhone 5 Side View
And considering how the iPhone 5 is one of the most eagerly anticipated tech gadget today, the creator of the video does not seem to be inclined to convince the viewers of its authenticity. As if he knows it will be deemed as fake anyway because aside from the modified box that says "iPhone 5", there are no other elaborate effort to make the viewers believe that this is in fact the highly coveted smartphone. The least he could do is do a proper unboxing video because the camera is laughably far away from the product he's unboxing. Or maybe he's expecting the viewers to just take his word for it?
iPhone 5 Back
But of course, if this is indeed real, the creator of the video won't even dare show his face to the camera. Apple takes it very seriously when one of its employees leaks their unreleased products into the public. The employee will not only be fired once caught but it could also put him into some serious legal trouble. And since this unboxing video is anything but real, Apple will be more than happy to know that people are getting excited over their next iPhone.

There is no doubt that the hype surrounding the next iPhone is off the charts especially now that we are fast approaching its expected release date. Unfortunately, this only means that we will surely see more fakers who will be trying to board Apple's hype train. We advise that you take them for what they are, with a grain of salt and for mere entertainment. Seeing these fake leaks and unboxing videos will surely make you wish for the real deal. [via ZAGG]

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