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Dolphin Browser: Cult Favorite Android Web Browser Comes to iOS, Download Now for Free!

With Mobile Safari, web-browsing on the iOS is a relatively smooth and bug free experience. For the most basic browsing tasks, it gets the job done. But if we are going to nitpick, one of the main flaw of Mobile Safari is the fact that it is seriously lacking in features. Features and functionalities that are staples of other web browsers. Sure there are quite a good number of jailbreak tweaks such as RestoreTab for Safari and Webscrollian which one can install to improve Safari. But wouldn't it be more preferable if you could have a feature packed web browser right from the get go?

Dolphin Browser for iOS
One feature that is notably missing in Safari which is found in dozen other applications is the ability to browse using tabs. In a sense, Mobile Safari has a tab feature but they are more like pages which you can switch into in order to visit different websites. Not exactly the tab feature that we have in mind. For users who mainly utilizes their iOS device to surf the web, the lack of the most basic web browsing functionalities in Safari can be rather frustrating.

Of course, there are many alternatives to Mobile Safari that are available from the iTunes App Store such as Atomic Web Browser, Skyfire and iCab Mobile. But the problem is, they are not exactly offered for free. So being a stock web browser and free, most people would rather stick with Safari rather than seek an alternative browser. Well for those who are looking for an alternative to Safari but doesn't want to spend a dime for a web browser, we have just the perfect app for you.
Dolphin Browser Home
Introducing Dolphin Browser from MoboTap which is now available in the App Store. If you are someone who's familiar with Android-based devices, then most likely you have heard of Dolphin Browser. Being a cult favorite among Android users, it is safe to say that Dolphin is one of the best available browser for the platform. And now it has made its way into the iOS in order to satisfy the needs of many iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners who are looking for a feature packed web browser.
Dolphin Browser Screenshot
And when we say packed, we do mean it. Dolphin Browser comes with tabbed browsing by default and by itself already makes it heaps better than Safari. This powerful browser also has a Speed Dial feature which lets you access your most visited websites from the app's homepage. Another neat feature of Dolphin Browser is the fact that is supports gesture based browsing which are customizable. Now you can access bookmarks, open new tab, refresh a page and many more just by drawing a sign gesture. For example you can draw the letter "F" to browse Facebook, or "G" to access Google+ or "J" to start browsing Jaxov, the possibilities are endless.
Dolphin Browser Webzine
I have thoroughly tested this app and I must say that I am highly impressed. This app definitely puts Mobile Safari to shame which coincidentally not my default browser anymore because of Dolphin. I experienced a number of crashes but the app was able to restore my browsing session quite easily. It does suffer from quite a bit of slowdown especially when working with multiple tabs and pages but nothing too severe that it would affect the overall experience.

Dolphin Browser is definitely one of the best web browser currently in the iOS. Some would argue that there are better browsers out there in terms of features and performance but most of them are paid. Dolphin Browser is a free app that's loaded with more features than one can shake a stick at. Download it now.

Download Dolphin Browser from the iTunes App Store for FREE.

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