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Alleged iPhone 5 Battery and Camera Components Finds Its Way into the Internet [Pictures]

There is no denying that the majority of the tech industry is looking forward to the release of Apple's next smartphone hit, the iPhone 5. If you are a regular reader of our blog, then you'll know that there have been a plethora of reports regarding the iPhone 5, especially concerning rumors and leaks. Based on several reports, it is expected that the next iPhone will finally be unveiled by Apple next month. If that's the case, then the iPhone 5 is already being mass produced as of this moment which is evidenced by these photos which are allegedly belonging to the next generation iPhone.

iPhone 5
It is no secret that when it comes to manufacturing and assembly of electronic hardware, major companies such as Apple hires Chinese manufacturing contractors in order to handle the manufacturing process. This is of course not only beneficial for cost-cutting but it also allows companies to focus on other aspects of the product such as software and development. Because of this arrangement, it is no wonder that unreleased products are most of the time leaked into the Internet even before they are announced. This is especially true with Apple products such as the iPhone. And now another, another alleged components of the iPhone 5 is leaked into the general public.

The components in question are the camera and battery of the iPhone 5. And the photos are said to be from iPhone parts supplier, TVC Mall. And based on the leaked photos, it seems that the iPhone 5 camera and battery looks similar to the ones found in the iPhone 4 with only some minor differences such as how they are connected to the motherboard.
iPhone 5 Batteries
If you're going to take a closer look at the battery comparison between the iPhone 4 and 5 (pictured above), you'll see that both batteries share the same shape except for the connector. The connector on the iPhone 5 sticks out while on the iPhone 4, the connector is situated vertically. Another notable difference is the wordings that are printed on the batteries. The specification label for the iPhone 5 reads 3.7V and 5.3Whr while on the iPhone 4 it shows 3.7V and 5.25Whr. On the part number, the iPhone 5 reads 616-0580 while it shows the 616-0513 and 616-0521 part numbers on the iPhone 4.
iPhone 5 Camera
And looking at the photo of the camera parts, both camera components have embedded camera flash. There have been rumors that the camera of the next iPhone will have dedicated flash instead of an embedded one or even a dual LED flash. In addition to that, there have been strong rumors that the iPhone 5 will feature an 8 megapixel camera which is a considerable upgrade over the iPhone 4's 5 megapixel one.

Just like majority of leaks and rumors, not much information was provided regarding the details of the components' specifications. It's even possible that these components may not even belong to the iPhone 5 at all. Considering the slight differences of the components, could it be that the components that are labeled for iPhone 5 actually belongs to the low-end iPhone that's rumored to be offered by Apple? Well as usual at this point, all we can do is speculate until Apple makes the official announcement. [via MacRumors]

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