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Watch YouTube Live Streams Simultaneously With Your Friends in Google+ Hangouts

Near the end of June, Google announced their latest venture into the emerging industry of social networking, Google+. Google's social networking website offers a number of features that looks to satisfy the many needs of social media enthusiasts. One of the most notable feature of Google+ is +Hangouts which is basically a group video chat feature. Being a property of Google, it makes sense that the most popular video-sharing website YouTube was integrated into Google+ as well. But did you know that you can watch YouTube Live streaming Google+ too? Find out how below.

Google Plus Hangouts
Since it was made beta, Google+ users can watch YouTube videos simultaneously together as a group through +Hangouts. But as of now, there is no streamlined way to watch YouTube live streams. But here's a simple solution so you can watch YouTube streams together with your friends in Hangouts:

  1. First of course is you need to start a Google+ Hangouts session and invite people to join you.
  2. Open a new tab and navigate over to and choose a live stream that you want.
  3. Now you will have to copy the video ID for the stream of your choice. To find the video ID, just below the video, click on Share. It should show you the URL of the stream, the ID is the string that is highlighted in the second screenshot. Copy the video ID by highlighting the string and right click + copy.
  4. YouTube Live Stream Share
    YouTube Live ID

  5. Now return to your Hangouts session and open the video tab and search for the live stream by pasting the video ID you copied in the previous step.
  6. Now just click Play and enjoy.

It should be reasonable to expect that YouTube Live will be officially integrated into Hangouts soon. But until then, you can use this simple workaround.

According to Brandon Badger, YouTube's Live Product Manager, they are planning implement public Hangouts to YouTube live streams. If you have been to live streaming sites like Ustream, then it should basically look like the chatrooms that are found next to the video feed. The only difference is that users will be able to interact through video chat.

Google+ is currently only available through invitations which means it is not open to the majority public yet. Despite being in a closed-invite beta only, the growth of Google+ is very impressive as it has managed to attract 10 million+ registrants only two weeks after its launch. It still remains to be seen if Google+ will prove to be relevant to the world of social media or if it will just end up a novelty product.

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