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Top 10 Must Have Jailbreak Apps for Your iPad 2

As you all know, JailbreakMe 3.0 has just been released last week and one reason why it was highly anticipated by the jailbreak community is the fact that it is the first working iPad 2 jailbreak. If you are one of those iPad 2 owners who have finally discovered the joys of jailbreaking, you have to wonder which jailbreak tweaks and apps you should install first. Well lucky for you, we will be providing you with the best iPad 2 jailbreak apps that you should install first.

iPad 2 Jailbreak


SBSettings iPad 2
Definitely one of the darlings of the jailbreak community, and for good reason. SBSettings provides a way for you to access your most frequently used settings instead of digging your way deep into the iOS Settings just to adjust your brightness or turn the WiFi on. Just assign an Activator gesture so you can access this wonderful app quickly. (FREE in Cydia)

PDF Patcher 2

PDF Patcher 2 iPad 2
Before we start giving you all the good stuff, we have to make sure that your iPad 2 is secure. This is a fix by Comex which can be downloaded via Cydia that patches the very same security hole that you just used to jailbreak your device. There is a high risk that other people could use this exploit to send viruses and other malicious content. So get this fix as soon as you have jailbroken your iPad 2. (FREE in Cydia)


iFile iPad 2
This becomes your iPad 2's file manager system and your means of accessing it at system level. This is simply one of those apps that you simply must have. In fact, some of the jailbreak apps that you can install would require iFile or at least it will make the tweak application process much more simpler. iFile lets you view and edit any kind of file in your iPad. ($4 in Cydia)


RetinaPad iPad 2
Without this tweak, when viewing iPhone native apps you will notice that they are severely pixelated. This is because iPhone only apps are upscaled by the iPad which simply doesn't look good by default. Now do away with the pixalated apps and install RetinaPad and experience the smoothness and sharpness of iPhone only apps in your iPad. ($2.99 in Cydia)


If you are such a app hoarder, then you must be really pissed by the current limitation to the number of apps that you can contain inside a springboard folder. Infinifolders will remove that limitation for you. So instead of having folders like Games 1, Games 2 and Games 3, you can have them all inside a single folder which makes navigation for apps a lot more intuitive. ($0.99 in Cydia)


PkgBackup iPad 2
This backup tools lets you backup your Cydia packages, a definite must have if you plan on purchasing a lot of paid tweaks and apps in Cydia. This is to save you from the frustration of having to re-download your Cydia packages in case you may need to restore firmware or re-jailbreak your device at a later time. It's a bit pricey compared to other apps but it is definitely worth the price. ($7.99 in Cydia)


Lockinfo iPad 2
Want to have those notifications to be seen in your lockscreen? Well this is the app for you. But LockInfo isn't just limited to adding notifications to the lockscreen. You can also add widgets, app shortcuts and so on. The way you can customize your lockscreen using this app is simply staggering. ($7.99 in Cydia)


Gridlock iPad 2
It can be quite frustrating that you can't layout your app icons in your springboard due to the restrictions with rows and columns. With Gridlock, you can lift these restrictions and layout your apps any way that you want. ($0.99 in Cydia)


This particular tweak basically turns your iPad into fully functional iPhone. By utilizing the iPad's 3G connection, you can now make your device behave like a smartphone. All you need to do is to purchase this app and provide your ICCID number. ($20 in iPhoneIslam)


Winterboard iPad 2
If theming your iPad is your thing, then you simply can't go wrong with Winterboard. This app basically lets you apply a theme to your iOS environment. With tons of themes to choose from, you are bound to find a design that should tickle your fancy. For a more advanced theming solution, we would also like to recommend Dreamboard. (FREE in Cydia)

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