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Samsung’s Galaxy S II Has Over 5 Million Units Sold Within 85 Days

When it comes to Android phones, it is no secret that Samsung is definitely one of the most outstanding brands. When the Korean company released Samsung Galaxy S last year, it became one of the most popular Android smartphone, if not the most popular, of 2010. Building on that momentum, it seems that its sequel, the Samsung Galaxy S II have outperformed its predecessor in almost every way, including sales. As of now, according to news source, the Samsung Galaxy S II have sold over 5 million units in just under 85 days, making it the best selling Android smartphone of all time.

Samsung Galaxy S II
This particular bit of information came from Yonhap News, a Korean newspaper which reported that the 2nd largest smartphone manufacturer Samsung with the Galaxy S II have sold over 55 million units in just a span of less than three months:

Samsung Electronics Co., the world's second-largest mobile phone maker, said Wednesday that it has sold more than 5 million units of Galaxy S2 smartphone in about three months since its debut.

The Galaxy S sequel, which is at the center of Samsung's smartphone push this year, was launched in South Korea on April 29 and was released in Japan and some European countries in the following month.

This is less than a month when Samsung Electronics had announced that it has reached a 3 million milestone in sales with the Galaxy S II in less than 2 months, 55 days to be exact. There is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S II is the Korean company's fastest selling smartphone. You have to keep in mind that these figures were achieved even before it has launched on major markets such as the United States. Once the Galaxy S II sees a US release, sales are expected to increase some more due to its popularity (according to surveys and news popularity).
Samsung Galaxy SII Camera
The current popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S II is not really that surprising. It is one of the most advanced and the current "it phone" of the Android's stable of smartphone. And of course, gadget and smartphone websites like Engadget and seems to have nothing but praise for Samsung's latest power phone. Some of the most commonly cited positives is the phone's snappiness with its interface, its powerful 8 megapixel camera and it launches applications in a flash.

But when the Samsung Galaxy S II hits the US, things will not be as easy due to competition with other Android handsets. The most notable ones are the other dual-core Android smartphone that are now currently being subsidized by different wireless carriers such as HTC's Evo 3D, T-Mobile's G2X and the soon to be released Verizon's Motorola Droid Bionic.

There it still no official announcement yet regarding the official US release of Samsung Galaxy S II, not even the wireless carrier that will offer the handset with a subsidized price. It would be interesting to see how the Samsung Galaxy S II would fare once it hits the US shores. Will it be able to keep its popularity in the US?

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