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Official Facebook App Has Been Updated, Facebook 3.4.4 Now Available for Download

The official app of Facebook has been in the App Store since day 1 and it is definitely the most downloaded app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Facebook app users may want to take note that Facebook 3.4.4 is now available which is an update that promises to bring a whole slew of performance enhancements, bug fixes as well as restored features.

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These are the changes with Facebook 3.4.4:

  • Restored the Send button for Comments, Chat and Messages
  • Restored friend lists to the News Feed filter
  • Fixed a number of bugs that caused the app to crash

The years haven't been so kind to Facebook's official app for the iPhone. While it is arguably the most popular app in the iTunes App Store and Facebook itself continues to grow with over 750 million active users, the official app however have continued to decline in popularity. The app is used to have about 100+ million users but in less than a year, it only now has about 80+ million active users.

This significant decline in popularity can be attributed to the fact that many users have found the app to be underwhelming in terms of user experience. Constant crashes, app freezing, slowdowns, buttons randomly disappearing, comments can't be deleted are just some of the problems that are commonly cited by disgruntled users. And with each new update, Facebook has somehow managed to bring in more bugs and take away features rather than improving the stability and performance of the app. A quick visit to the Facebook app's iTunes page and you'll see an overwhelming number of negative feedbacks.
Facebook 3.4.4
But still, for those who hasn't given up on the app yet, it is still worth giving this update a shot especially when it promises improved performance. In order to install Facebook 3.4.4, you can go to the Facebook App iTunes page or you can simply open the App Store from your iPhone or iPod Touch, tap Updates, locate the Facebook app and tap Update button.

Despite the decline in popularity of the Facebook app, the social networking site remains as popular as ever. Facebook, Inc. has been quite busy these days. First there's the rumored photo sharing app that is said to rival similar ones like Instagram, they also launched a new Skype powered video calling to their main site and they are also reportedly working on an app distribution platform called Project Spartan that is said to directly compete with the iTunes App Store.

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