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New Silicone iPhone 5 Cases Indicates a Thinner, Tapered Design [RUMOR]

There is no doubt that Apple will soon be announcing its follow-up to the hugely popular iPhone 4. That's right, it is expected that the iPhone 5 will be announced by Apple at around the end of August to September. So as you all know if you have been reading our blog these past few months, more and more rumors are popping out of nowhere as it approaches its expected release date. This time this particular rumor is concerning the next iPhone's form factor.

iPhone 5 Concept
The folks from 9to5Mac was somehow able to get their hands on the iPhone 5's silicone case which suggest that the device features a larger display, a larger home button with a thinner form factor. According to 9to5Mac:

Yesterday, a purported case mold schematic for the fifth-generation iPhone emerged, pointing to a complete re-design for Apple’s handset. This mold points to a larger display, a larger home button, and a thinner profile for the next iPhone. The original reporting of this schematic also includes a mockup of such an iPhone 5 case. Now, we have been able to secure an actual purported fifth-generation iPhone case from a source, not just a mockup. This source is similar to the source who provided us with impeccably accurate design schematics for the iPad 2. In addition, we can independently confirm, Asian case manufacturers are now shopping case designs to case sellers across the globe for their own branding.

iPhone 5 Silicon Case
According to 9to5Mac, the source from which they have received the silicone case is also similar to the one that has provided them the iPad 2 schematics in the past, which turned out to be accurate. In addition to that, case manufacturers are said to be willing to pay millions, so they have a reason to believe that these said iPhone 5 silicone cases is pretty much an indication of the next generation iPhone's design.

We can’t tell you that the information used to build the case, that we have gotten our hands on, is different than the information revealed yesterday, but given that these cases have actually been built, and given that case manufactures are willing to spend millions of dollars on quality intelligence to maximize on the iPhone 5 launch, we have reason to believe that this iPhone 5 case is indicative of the next-generation iPhone’s design.

Although based on the photos, it is quite hard to make out the design of the device that the case molds, 9to5Mac was able to confirm that the case molds a larger screen, thinner and tapered designed device.

For better reference here's a concept design from the Japanese blog Macotakara that is said to resemble the design of the said leaked iPhone 5 cases.
iPhone 5 Concept 2
The iPhone 5, as with all products of Apple, is definitely a highly anticipated hardware release. So expect more news about this upcoming smartphone heavyweight from the Cupertino giant. [via MacRumors]

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