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New iPhone 5 Silicone Cases Now Widely Available in China [Pictures]

A few days ago we have brought to you a news about silicone cases that are allegedly for the iPhone 5. The cases suggest that the device it molds features a larger display, a larger home button with a thinner form factor. But as it turns out if you fly over to China, these cases are already available pretty much everywhere.

iPhone 5 Cases
The report comes from M.I.C Gadget stating that the manufacturers of these silicone cases for the iPhone 5 are now currently distributing it towards retailers. These cases are available only in bulk purchases with a minimum of at least 500 pieces:

Recently, we see pictures of iPhone 5 cases on the Internet. Actually, we are now seeing these iPhone 5 cases EVERYWHERE in China now.

What we are hearing now is that the Chinese case makers are distributing their iPhone 5 cases. Anyone dares to take direct order from them? Distribution price starts from 2 yuan (about $0.30), and you need to buy at least 500 of them!

iPhone 5 Silicone Cases
iPhone 5 Cases 2
From predictions to speculations, from industry analysts to anonymous sources, rumors about Apple's next iPhone are becoming increasingly ubiquitous as it approaches its alleged target launch date of September. Just last week, we have reported to you that one of the carriers of iPhone, AT&T is already undergoing preparations in order to accommodate the influx of people who will be demanding Apple's next smartphone. In addition to that, there have been some talks as well that Apple has been buffing the workforce for its retail stores presumably in order to prepare for the iPhone 5's launch.

And since traditionally, Apple is very good with keeping its product under tight wraps, we haven't heard anything concrete or official yet. But based on past occurrences, rumors and predictions regarding Apple's hardware are actually quite close or sometimes even downright accurate compared to the official announcement.

The iPhone 5 is expected to be announced in September by Apple and it will come pre-packaged with iOS 5 which will be launched this upcoming fall. [via M.I.C Gadget]

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