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Microsoft’s Windows 7 Has Sold More Than 400 Million Licenses

During Microsoft's Day 1 keynote of their annual Worldwide Partner Conference, the company's spokesperson Steve Ballmer has announced that their latest operating system, Windows 7 has officially sold over 400 million licenses since it was first introduced in October 2009.

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According to a blog post in the official Windows blog of Brandon LeBlanc, Microsoft's Communication Manager:

Today during the Day 1 keynote of our annual Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Steve Ballmer revealed that Windows 7 has officially sold 400 million licenses to-date. Our previous statement of 7 copies of Windows 7 sold a second continues to hold true.

He also cited that along with the impressive sales of Windows 7, Internet Explorer 9 is getting quite a momentum as well:

We continue to see excellent momentum for Windows 7 as well as Internet Explorer 9. According to Net Applications as of June 2011, Windows 7 is now running on 27.13% of all PCs worldwide. And of PCs running Windows 7 in the U.S., Internet Explorer 9 is now the most popular modern browser. Internet Explorer 9 is running on 17% of Windows 7 PCs worldwide.

The success of Windows 7 as an operating system does not really come as a big surprise. Since its first introduction 3 years ago, Windows 7 received overwhelming positive feedback from many users. Commonly cited reasons for praise is the product's improvement in terms of stability and usability. During its first year in the market, Windows 7 managed to sell about 240 million licenses, making this version of Windows to be one of the most successful yet.

For most XP users, Windows 7 was the legitimate reason to finally upgrade their operating system and finally put their aging OS to rest. It has managed to improve upon its predecessor, Windows Vista in almost every way while still being able to preserve compatibility with older hardware and applications. And probably one of the most apparent reason that Windows 7 is far better than Vista is with the performance. Many Vista users complained that their OS was simply too slow and with the introduction of Windows 7, it seems that Microsoft has managed to address the issue.
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Ballmer also addressed during the keynote that more and more users are adopting Internet Explorer 9 to be their main browser. The adoption rate is pretty decent with about 17% of Windows user utilizing the said browser. Internet Explorer 9 was made available to the public and Microsoft has certainly done a great job of giving its aging browser a refreshing new look and improved user experience. But at this rate, it is still doubtful whether IE9 will ever catch-up with popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

And if you have been keeping up with Microsoft lately, you know that Windows 8 is just around the corner. And from the looks of it, it is a major departure from all of Microsoft's past Windows products. Will it be as well-received as W7? That still remains to be seen.

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