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There have a notable controversy that have been surrounding the jailbreak community recently, and that concerns the much awaited iPad 2 jailbreak. As we have reported yesterday, Comex's JailbreakMe version 3 was apparently leaked by someone who clearly was one of the tool's beta tester. And now, it seems that the drama develops because is now up for auction.

JailbreakMe tool
If you head over at right now and do a quick search for the domain, then you will see a search result that indicates that this particular domain is up for auction. You will also see other important details such as the appraised value of the domain which is $316 while there's currently 32 offers with a current highest bid $2500. The said auction for the domain is set to end on July 16. Auctioned
Comex doesn't actually own the domain for Fellow jailbreak hacker iH8sn0w speculates that the former owner of the domain named Nicholas Penree still have the ownership. A quick WHOIS lookup of the domain and it reveals no important information as to who owns the website.

Now why is all of this happening? And why this auction conveniently happened in the midst of the JailbreakMe 3.0 leak? Well there have been many speculations that are floating around with regards to the subject. One such speculation for the reason of business alone. That the owner of the domain simply wanted to sell it figuring that it will fetch a good price while others speculated that Comex was disappointed because of the leak and decided to not push through with JailbreakMe 3.0's release, which is highly unlikely. And there are those who believes that this could be all just a mistake.

In order to shed light to the issue, Comex tweeted to confirm that he doesn't own the domain nor is he responsible for putting it up for auction. Chances are, if the domain does get sold, he will most likely host his releases on another website.
Comex Tweet
Last month, Comex have been teasing the public that he have been working on a jailbreak solution that will finally jailbreak the iPad 2, and even went as far as saying that it was almost ready. But after 2 weeks with no news, the tool was leaked by apparently one of his beta testers. This leaked JailbreakMe version was tested and confirmed that it worked. We even covered a tutorial on how to do it.

But still, we still think that you should stay away from this particular method and recommend that you wait for the official release of the tool instead which should be anytime soon. Why? Because there's the risk that you might brick your device, so proceed at your own caution.

It would be interesting to see how this particular issue resolves itself. Hopefully it does and Comex's Jailbreak 3.0 finally gets on official release soon.

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    Jimmy10 years ago

    Leaked email said it will come up tomorrow and it wasnt Comex idea/responsible to sell this domain :)

      Pramod10 years ago

      Hopefully !! Lets see what Comex has in stock for the iPad 2 users. :D