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iTunes 10.4 Now Available for Download, Adds OS X Lion Support [Direct Links]

At this point in time, Mac fans all over the world are already enjoying the latest release of Mac OS, the Mac OS X Lion. In conjunction with this major Mac release, Apple is rolling out an update for its popular proprietary media player, iTunes 10.4 is now out. This iTunes update features several enhancements that aims to improve performance, but mainly, this release is for accommodating the Mac OS X Lion's new features.

iTunes 10.4
According to the iTunes 10.4 release notes:

iTunes 10.4 is now designed for OS X Lion. You can now use iTunes with OS X Lion's new Full-Screen App capability, which allows you to use iTunes and other without distractions. Navigate between your full-screen apps with a simple gesture.

iTunes is now a 64-bit Cocoa application on OS X Lion and includes a number of important stability and performance improvements. Some iTunes plug-ins may no longer be compatible with this version of iTunes. Please contact the plug-in developer for an updated plug-in compatible with iTunes 10.4.

Full Screen Apps is one of the most prominent new feature of the OS X Lion. This feature was directly ported from the iPad although Apple seems to have made some visual tweaks to it in order to make it look more at home with the Mac environment. This feature truly makes an application to be full screen so users can view apps without distractions. Similar to the iOS, switching to another app is as simple as swiping the trackpad which can be done without leaving the full screen feature.

With this update, iTunes should work more seamlessly with OS X Lion. New window buttons can be found with the new iTunes interface and now can be viewed in 100% full screen. The program also now supports iOS-like scrolling which is a first in iTunes.

Also mentioned in the release notes is the architectural change with iTunes, which is now a 64-bit Cocoa application. In addition to that, the usual stability and performance enhancements are added with this particular software update. Apple also advises users that some iTunes plugins may stop working with 10.4 mainly because of the change in architecture.
iTunes 10.4 Install
Non OS X Lion users may also want to upgrade to this latest version of iTunes. As mentioned above, it features several stability and performance enhancements which is never a bad thing. But of course, you can't expect to get the new features that are targeted towards OS X Lion.

The Mac OS X Lion is officially available in the Mac App Store today. For the first time ever, this Operating System can only be purchased through digital means via the Mac App Store only. Which means no physical disc will be available at local Mac Store. The Mac OS X Lion is Apple's attempt to bring in several design and user interface features of the iOS to the Mac. The OS X Lion boasts over 250+ new features and is a complete overhaul of Apple's desktop operating system.

iTunes 10.4 Direct Download Links:

Download iTunes 10.4 for Windows.
Download iTunes 10.4 for Mac.

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