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This Might be One of the Best iPhone 5 Mockup You’ll Ever See [Concept Design]

When it comes to upcoming products that are about to be released, fan created concepts are sometimes quite right on the money when compared to the final look of the product, if not then at least they are really fun to look at. Sometimes they just look too good and well made that you find yourself wishing that the soon-to-be-released product will actually look like one of these fan-made concepts. When it comes to design concepts, designers seems to really have a strong inclination towards Apple products especially with the iPhone.

iPhone 5 Concept
This time we have another fan-created concept of the highly anticipated iPhone 5. Schasiepen Guilherme Martins who's a Brazilian graphics design student, have made an iPhone 5 concept that is actually based on various information over the past months which includes rumors and speculations. Basically, majority of the information with regards to the upcoming iPhone 5 was included by Martins.
iPhone 5 Concept 2
An even slimmer and lighter iPhone? Check. A 4-inch screen without in any way enlarging the device? Check. A new and improved 8 megapixel camera with 1080p capabilities at the back of the device? Check. An HD camera for Facetime use? Check. A new and better antenna locations that won't drop calls even when the device is held wrong? Sure. As you can see, Martins even addressed the widespread complaints of low reception with the current gen iPhones.
iPhone 5 Concept 3
From the looks of it, I think this is one of the best mockup of the iPhone 5. It definitely looks great and seems to coincide with Apple's design principles, no doubt about that. But what makes this mockup to standout is the fact it is very realistic. Realistic in a sense that it isn't a complete departure from Apple's current designs but still you can clearly see the improvements (bigger screen, better camera and so on). We're pretty sure fans of Apple's super popular smartphone won't mind having this mockup be brought into fruition.
iPhone 5 Concept 4
Over the past months, the tech industry is treated to various rumors and speculations with regards to the next iPhone. There have been several reports that the iPhone 5 or 4S, will have no significant design overhaul, instead the improvements will be hardware based like a new dual-processing A5 chip (similar to the iPad 2) and a new improved 8 megapixel camera. On the other hand there are reports that the iPhone 5 will afterall feature a new overhauled form factor. There are even reports that says that Apple will be releasing two iPhones, one is a cheaper variety while the other one will be the iPhone 4's direct successor.

The next iPhone will most likely be announced by Apple during their music event that will be held this coming September. It is expected to come pre-loaded with iOS 5 which coincidentally will also launch this fall.

To see more of Schasiepen Guilherme Martins' works then head over to his Flickr account. [via MM]

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