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Apple to Release a Thinner & Lighter iPhone 5, Will Hit Stores in September [RUMOR]

As you all know, we have been getting quite a lot of hardware rumors for the past few weeks especially with regards to the iPhone 5. From the hardware specs, to the form factor, to the release date, it seems that everything about the next iPhone have been speculated. Well because we just can't get enough of more iPhone 5 rumors, we will be having another one and this comes from the The Wall Street Journal this time.

iPhone 5
According to the The Wall Street Journal, they have a source that's familiar with the iPhone 5 situation that Apple is already gearing up for the launch of its next iPhone as they are planning to keep the lead that they have with other smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung.

Apple Inc. is getting closer to launching its next iPhone, as it works to stay ahead of competition from smartphone rivals such as Samsung Electronics Co.

Apple has ordered key components for a new iPhone it is aiming to launch by the end of September, said people familiar with the situation.

In addition to the planned release by the end of September, according the people who are allegedly in the know, the next iPhone, in line with past rumors, will be sporting a similar form factor design as the current iPhone 4 along with an improved 8 megapixel camera but it will be different in the sense that it will be thinner and lighter.

According to some suppliers of components to Apple, the new version of the iPhone is expected to be thinner and lighter than the iPhone 4 and sport an 8-megapixel camera. One person said the new iPhone will operate on Qualcomm Inc.’s wireless baseband chips. The current iPhone 4 uses memory chips made by Samsung Electronics Co. and baseband chips from German chip maker Infineon Technologies AG, according to a report by market-research firm iSuppli Corp. Officials at both companies declined to comment.

iPhone 5 Mockup
Over the past months, there are two sets of rumors that are floating around with regards to the iPhone 5. One is that the iPhone 5 will have a radically different design while the other one indicates that the next iPhone will have feature a similar form factor as the current iPhone and a minor hardware upgrade. There are even speculations that Apple will be releasing two iPhones this coming September. This report from The WSJ indicates that the next iPhone will be slimmer and lighter but will be featuring a design that's similar to the iPhone 4.

The report also talks about how Apple is having an aggressive sales projections because it has allegedly ordered about 25 million units to be produced and sold until the current year ends.

Apple’s sales estimates of the new iPhone is quite aggressive. It told us to prepare to help the company meet its goal of 25 million units by the end of the year,” said another person at one of Apple’s suppliers. “The initial production volume will be a few million units… we were told to ship the components to assembler Hon Hai in August.

Such sales projection definitely counts as aggressive but it could happen, unless of course the devices can't be pulled off the production fast enough which happened in the past for the iPad 2.

Two people familiar with the situation cautioned the next iPhone could be delayed further if contract manufacturer Hon Hai Precision Co., which assembles the iPhone for Apple, couldn't improve its production yield rate.

As usual, there's nothing more that we can but to speculate and wait for the official announcement of Apple this coming September. So will we be seeing an iPhone 5 with an overhauled design? Or should we see a familiar iPhone with upgraded hardware specs? Or will Apple release two iPhones this coming September? We'll just have to wait till September. [via TheWallStreetJournal]

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