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Apple Ordered 15 Million iPhone 5 Units in Preparation for September Launch

According to the Taiwan Based IT insiders, DigiTimes, Apple have ordered approximately 15 million iPhone 5's from a well known computer manufacturing contractor called Pegatron. If you have been following our blog for a couple of weeks now, then you'll know that there have been many rumors and speculations that the next iPhone will be launching in September this year. Now in line with rumors and speculations, the said iPhone 5s that Apple has ordered will be shipping this coming September.

iPhone 5
According to the said report ever since the deal with Apple, Pegatron have been allocating more resources and manpower to their Shanghai plants in order to meet the demands of the Cupertino based company. Apple has also recently contracted Pegatron in order to assemble CDMA-based iPhones to be used with Verizon Network.

Due to its cooperation with Apple for iPhone 4, Pegatron, in 2010, significantly expanded its plants, human power and equipment aiming satisfy the orders for 10 million CDMA iPhone 4s; however, since the Apple's CDMA iPhone 4 sales were lower than expected in the first quarter of 2011, Pegatron shipped less than four million CDMA iPhone 4s, causing the company's utilization rate to drop to only 50% with its gross margin also drop to 1.8% in the quarter.

The sources of DigiTimes claimed that the iPhone 5 won't have any radical design change, instead it will feature better hardware than the iPhone 4. We have reported before that according to some rumors, the iPhone 5 will have a faster dual-processing A5 chip (similar to the iPad 2) and an improved 8 megapixel camera.

The sources pointed out that as the iPhone 5, which does not seem to have any major update from iPhone 4, is already set for shipment in September, they are already started supplying components to Pegatron with Pegatron's plants in Shanghai, China also recently started hiring for manpower.

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When it comes to manufacturing Apple's products, most of the work is done by Foxconn and that includes the iPhone and Macbooks. Pegatron have been trying to get their hands on manufacturing the iPad or Macbook from Apple but they've had no luck so far.

In addition to the iPhone, Pegatron has also been aggressive striving for iPad or Macbook orders from Apple, but due to the products' existing makers are defending their orders, Pegatron currently still has not yet achieved any progress. However, under the consideration of separating risks, some market watchers believe Pegatron will have chance to land a small volume of iPad orders in 2012.

It is a common practice for majority of electronics manufacturer to outsource the assembly of their products so they can direct their attention towards development and research. Foxconn is one of largest manufacturing contractors in the world assembling hardware products for prominent companies like Apple, HP and Dell. If this information turns out to be true, then both Foxconn and Pegatron will be assembling the iPhone 5.

There have been many news floating around that the iPhone is already it its final testing phase and should be ready to launch this September. Still no official announcement from Apple which comes as a no surprise. The next iPhone should be announced this September at Apple's music event. [via DigiTimes]

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