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Amazon Set to Release an Android Tablet in October to Compete with Apple’s iPad?

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, multinational electronic commerce company Amazon is gearing up to release their very own consumer tablet. The said tablet is set for an October release. With this, it seems that Amazon will be going head-to-head with Apple's iPad. Amazon has already been competing with Apple over all things digital like books, music and mobile apps. This planned hardware release of Amazon will certainly intensify the rivalry between these two companies. So will this upcoming tablet from Amazon be a worthy competitor to the iPad?

Amazon Tablet
Well it is still too early to tell especially when there is no official word from Amazon yet. Details are scarce but we do know that it will be an Android based tablet with a 9-inch screen. When asked, the spokesperson of Amazon didn't provide any response. All we know is that it was hinted by Amazon's Chief Executive, Jeff Bezos. According to The Wall Street Journal:

Amazon's looming entry into the tablet market, which Chief Executive Jeff Bezos has hinted at in his appearances this year, is the latest example of how technology companies, once focused on a particular segment of the industry, are increasingly jostling one another on multiple fronts.

We all know that Amazon have been fairly successful in offering digital products on their website. But what they lack is the hardware to back it up. Although Amazon does have a good track record with regards to hardware with their e-book reader Kindle which is enjoying quite a good deal of popularity. With this allegedly planned tablet of Amazon, this should somehow offset Amazon's shortcomings hardware wise.

It is no doubt that the digital market is expanding in a rather rapid rate. And over the years it is Apple, Amazon and Google that are competing in digital content as well as the mobile software market.
Amazon Android Tablet
Aside from the rivalry between Apple and Amazon, clashes between these two companies are not exactly unheard of. Back in March, Apple sued Amazon because the latter allegedly violated the trademark which is attached to the name App Store. Apple's motion for preliminary injunction was denied by the court. Steve Jobs have also poked fun at Amazon's Kindle saying that most people don't read anymore and that it is an inferior hardware compared to a multi-purpose device such as an iPad.

"Amazon and Apple are frenemies"—both friends and enemies—said Sarah Rotman Epps, a Forrester Research analyst. They "rely on each other as partners"—Amazon, for example, sells digital books via its Kindle app in Apple's iTunes Store—but "at the same time, they aggressively compete for customers' attention and dollars," she said.

As said before details are scarce but the said device that will be coming in October won't feature a camera and that it will not be designed by Amazon themselves. In addition to this upcoming tablet, Amazon is also said to be releasing two new Kindles and one of which will feature a touchscreen interface.

As it stands now, it is still the iPad that reigns supreme among table devices. There have been some rumors that the Cupertino company will be releasing a new iPad this year. So it should be interesting to see as to what Amazon can bring into the table when it comes to the tablet market. [via TheWallStreetJournal]

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